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Samizdata quote of the day

What’s wrong with capitalism is that the banking system is socialist.

– Steve Baker MP talking on Cobden Centre Radio. Blog posting by interviewer and CCR boss Andy Duncan here. Listen here. It lasts twenty six minutes. That money quote comes just over half way into it.

7 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Ian B

    So far as I can tell the major thing that’s wrong with capitalism is that it doesn’t channel more money in my direction. I don’t mind which; fiat is acceptable, as is gold. I’m easy in that regard. I really do feel that something needs to be done about this obviously deliberate “anti Ian B” bias in the capitalist system. I think some kind of ring-fenced tax may be an ideal solution.

  • Nuke Gray

    Ian, have you complained to your member of Parliament yet? Perhaps some special bill could be introduced? the fault might simply be your own description of yourself on your tax form! Did you, under ‘Occupation’, put in ‘Capitalist’? Or ‘Exploiter of the working class’? I think I’ll put in ‘Creative Genius’, and see what they make of it!

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Ian B, you are being denied your rights! Of course, we need LVT and everything will be sorted out, or whatever.

    Seriously, Baker’s quote is dead right. I am proud to call that MP a friend, not something you will read from me very often.

  • Thanks Johnathan – there’s a tear on my cheek!

  • Ian B

    I just feel that perhaps we are all too focussed on the problems of FRB, and not enough on the problems of Ian B. For instance, as I watched the inspiring, almost Godlike speech delivered by our new best friend “Ed”, I was particularly touched when he said, “Why does a banker earn more than a care worker? That’s just not fair!” and I thought, “Why does Ed earn more than Ian B? That’s just not fair either!”

    I have long thought that Libertarians are lacking a “killer issue” to focus on and drive us forward together. It’s certainly my opinion that “enriching Ian B at the expense of everybody else” is something that we could all get behind. I know I certainly could. Perhaps Steve Baker MP- a sensible, wise and shockingly handsome chap- could raise the issue in the Commons to get our bandwagon rolling?

  • g1lgam3sh

    I’ve just been to Steve Baker’s page.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this about an MP but I like the cut of his jib

    It will truly astonish my friends when I post his site on my FB.

  • Paul Marks

    A good posting Brian – and a good quote, and (dare I say it) a good Member of Parliament.