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It’s full time in Bloemfontein, and England have crashed out of the 2010 World Cup. Meanwhile, at Old Trafford we have a double change with Ryan Harris back into the attack.

Cricinfo passes on the bad news.

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  • My sincere condolences.

  • England certainly won that game the hard way, yes.

  • RAB

    No condolences needed Alisa, anyone with half a brain cell knew it would end (but perhaps not as badly) like that.England were a team of talented individuals (on paper) who couldn’t play as a team, or perhaps Fabrio wouldn’t let them.

    Rooney was his usual self, a fat sweaty unfit git who overhit hit every ball he played and cannot now dribble his way out of an Old Peoples Home.

    Whereas Crouch, who gives 110% every time he comes on, er never came on!If all you can do is hit long balls with little hope of anyone getting on the end of them, then Crouch is the one and only England player most likely to.Madness!

    Ok it should have been 2/2 at half time. Why the fuck the biggest grossing game on the planet cant use technology that every other one uses is beyond understanding. That was a goal and everyone in the stadium knew it except apparently the Ref and the Linesmen. It would have taken 10 seconds to check via video replay. Maybe, just maybe it would have given England the fire to win.
    But 4/1 seems reasonable given Germany were so much better than us, it could have been more.

    I turned over to Ray Davies live at Glastonbury immediately, I just couldn’t handle the bullshit pundits making excuses any more. Never has Waterloo Sunset sounded so poignant!

    RAB, your humble Rugby correspondent…

    [Referee declares a wall-of-text foul on RAB and edits comment with some paragraph breaks to make it readable 😛 ]

  • michael farris

    Soccer officiating has to be the worst in world level team sports. Unambiguously bad calls are anything but rare.

    I think this is one reason that soccer will never be that big in the US. Instead of fairplay and being in charge of your own fate, you have to depend on unaccountable bureaucrats whose decisions, no matter how obviously wrong, cannot be appealed. It’s not a beautiful game, it’s the EU regulatory agency of the sports world.

  • Tin hat on here, but I thought England didn’t play that badly on the whole. John Terry got caught out of position for the first two German goals, and the third and fourth were a consequence of England being forced to chase the game and leave the back door open – which would not have been the case had Lampard’s goal been given. When he then hit the bar in the 2nd half from 40 yards or so… well I just knew the game had gone by then.

  • Tom

    I think this is one reason that soccer will never be that big in the US.

    Oh, is this it now? This the one we’re going to spotlight for a while, now that the “nobody cares about soccer” and “there’s no scoring” memes seem to be taking a hit?

    Good grief. There are no sociological, political or anthropological reasons that soccer isn’t as big as baseball, football and basketball in the United States. It’s simply a matter of happenstance and circumstance. It’s about what happened to get solidified during the age of television and mass media in the 20th century.

    Moreover, the idea that soccer “isn’t that big” here is wrong in the first place. The World Cup’s television ratings will rival or even best those of the World Series and NBA Finals; MLS average attendance is on par with the NBA and NHL; the visiting European powerhouse teams and international sides pack 70,000-capacity stadiums every summer; and it’s a massive participation sport. There are three networks devoted to 24/7 soccer, ESPN clearly sees a big future (and $$ signs) in the sport, and Fox bid big money to secure Champions League rights.

    So your little post is a big mess. It’s a dose of metaphorical hooey applied to a premise that’s false out of the gate.

  • RAB

    I’m not sure whether to say thanks, or you utter swine! Brian 😉 Now if you were doing a proper editing job, you’d have taken the second hit out of the second para.

    Good grief. There are no sociological, political or anthropological reasons that soccer isn’t as big as baseball, football and basketball in the United States. It’s simply a matter of happenstance and circumstance.

    Nope, sorry Tom it isn’t. America was, and in many ways still is, a separatist country, and the country they seperated from is Britain.

    Now Britain has invented pretty much every game there is on this planet and gave them to the world.

    This was a cunning ploy of course. We take over your countries but we give you a sport to be fanatical about (Soccer, Cricket, Rugby) then we allow you to beat us at these sports, which makes you feel good, while we still control your countries. Simples!

    But of course with America, well you just dont like to get beat at anything do ya? So your games are semi self invented, although Baseball is mentioned in Jane Austin and American football is a kind of armour plated rugby.

    So you are allowed to win in your own little pool arn’t you? I mean calling the ultimate Baseball games, the World Series is a laugh and a half isn’t it?

    Only Basketball and Lacrosse are truly indigenous American Sports, and look how well Lacrosse took off worldwide!

    Besides you had a lot of Irish influence in America and they hate British sports for the same reason you do. No Irishman has been any good at Soccer apart from George Best (Who never got to strut his stuff in a World Cup cos the rest of his nation were crap at soccer) and he was Northern Irish anyway.

    But I do hope you take this in the spirit it was offered Tom 😉

  • RAB

    Oh Sweetlips! I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.
    You being female, and Israeli and all. What would you know of Soccer? (When in a hole stop digging RAB, Ed)

    Does this mean that you wont be picking me up at Ben Gurien this weekend, and I’ll have to get a taxi again? 😉

  • Alisa,

    RAB is just ticked over the continuation of utter sporting failure by British (technically English in this case) sportsmen and teams.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Andy Murray get beaten at Wimbledon. 🙂

  • RAB

    There’s never going to be a Murray Mount, like there was a Hennman Hill, that’s for sure Ted, but there is a Murray Mint, because you can make a fortune in tennis and sports in general and never come in the first five… Ever!

  • Taxi???!!! You’re going to walk, walk I tell you! Did I say walk? I meant crawl, of course!!!

    What are we talking about again?

  • Sunfish

    I don’t think RAB cares about the English team at all. Now, the way the Welsh team got screwed, blewed, and tattooed, I think I can predict his response: flyrrgh llygrryn Nnyyrrgh!

    And baseball isn’t the same as cricket. Cricket games really are three days long. Baseball just seems to take three days.

  • Laird

    Well, now at least we know what happened to the US team (courtesy of Dave Barry):

    “I am pleased to report that the World Cup governing body, FIFA, has finally offered an official explanation of the controversial call in the U.S.-Slovenia game by referee Koman “Ray Charles” Coulibaly of Mars. According to FIFA’s statement, the call — which cost the U.S. a win — was made because the referee, quote, “observed a traveling violation by U.S. player Joe Maca.”

    Some Americans questioned this explanation, pointing out that (1) there is no such infraction as “traveling” in soccer; (2) Joe Maca has not played on the U.S. national team since 1950; and (3) he died in 1982. But soccer purists argue that this nitpicking is one more example of how Americans do not grasp the free-flowing beauty and subtlety of international soccer, and need to get over their anal-compulsive need to know exactly what the rules are, how much time is left in the match, why the players are constantly falling down and making the “Y” sign from “YMCA,” etc.”

  • jsallison

    Someone have pity on a poor colonial and explain why the white field and red cross on a supposedly english flag. Do I superimpose this over the blue and white scot flag to come up with a union jack? Is the UK and it’s jack a done deal?

    And why am I annoyed that #$%^ing ESPN doesn’t carry limited overs cricket? (although a week after I beefed at them with email about it they broadcast a 5 minute ‘highlight’) I mean gimme a break they show an hour of sumo at a time, for god’s sake.

  • Laird

    Hey, they don’t give much coverage to lawn bowling, either. Get over it. We may not care much for soccer in the US, but it’s infinitely more popular than cricket.