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Samizdata punning quote of the day

The ultimate quack remedy

– Simon Singh on the Today Programme a few minutes ago, describing how France’s biggest-selling homoeopathic flu remedy, earning zillions of dollars, is made from the heart of a single Muscovy duck per year.

7 comments to Samizdata punning quote of the day

  • jsallison

    Illegal PUNditry!!! Yellow card!

  • PJ


    nice one

  • Nuke Gray

    At least homoeopathy is quack-acting! And sold by reliable ducktors!

  • Alasdair

    Wossamatta U ?

    Can’t take the punishment, eh ?

  • Antoine Clarke

    So, how come the death rate from flu in France is lower than in either the UK or the USA?

    My last French relative known to die of flu was in the 1850s, and he’d walked back from Moscow in 1812.

  • Paul Marks

    The British (and, in modern degenerate times, establisment Americans) pride themselves on being “empirical” and “Pragmatic”.

    “The truth of a idea is that it works” and other stuff that makes me want to throw up.

    However, the “empirical evidence” about the French, i.e. that on average they live longer and are FITTER than British and American people, is ignorned.

    I am certainly not saying that this remedy has anything to do with that – but it is odd that we ignore the facts, these being (as stated above) that French people tend to live longer and tend to be in better condition than us.

    If it is not genetic (if the French are not some sort of master race) it must be something to do with how they live – and how they deal with the matter of illness is an important part of life.