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Boeing is in the race

Boeing has no intentions of being left behind in the commercial race for space. I have been hearing for some time about their CST100 capsule. They are doing this on their own dime. I always knew the Boeing guys would eventually get on the commercial bandwagon and the contract to launch and support the Bigelow Aerospace space station seems a key turning point.

Once Elon Musk gets his divorce all worked out so that ownership is clear, I am pretty sure we will be hearing about an IPO at SpaceX.

Take the success of SpaceX, Boeing entering the commercial manned space market and the pending IPO and the expectation I have of a flood of investment money following a big run up in the value of the placement and you have the recipe for a commercial explosion into LEO.

First LEO, then the Moon, Mars… and beyond. Privately.

2 comments to Boeing is in the race

  • Mike Lorrey

    I’m predicting the IPO either after the first successful COTS cargo demo, or after the first commercial crew demo. I’m expecting a market cap of between 5 to 10 billion with SpaceX offering 20-25% of the company with a P/E of at least 30. Given the internet hype over SpaceX, I am expecting the market to drive the stock up to over 100 P/E within weeks of the IPO.

  • Mike Lorrey

    NOTE: Tesla just had their own IPO today, with an IPO price of $17/share, a bump up from the originally planned 14 bucks. They also increased the offering by 20%. The stock opened in public trading at $19/share, and after a brief selloff by early subscribers (those rich bastards who get first in line for IPO shares as a favor from their broker), TSLA closed for the day just under $24, after peaking at $25. Its opening day gain was 40.5%, while the rest of the stock market had a rather significant drop.