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The Independent and sister Sunday paper sold for one pound

And guess who the new owner of this leftist newspaper is? I wonder how Robert “my brain hurts” Fisk, columnist at that paper, is taking the news.

11 comments to The Independent and sister Sunday paper sold for one pound

  • Oh boy, this is just too good to be true – love it!

  • lucklucky

    Well i guess he is happy.

  • Kim du Toit

    Can’t see how Fisk could complain… after all, wasn’t he in favor of the KGB and the Communists not too long ago? (like last week)

  • Sam

    Good clarification. I saw a headline on Brietbart and thought it meant that they were selling their papers by the pound.

  • Laird

    Damn, I wish I’d known they were for sale. I’d have given them two pounds!

  • Alasdair

    Finally, we’ll get all the news it’s Fisk to print ?

  • Alasdair

    Fiskal comedy ?

    The closing of a Fiskous Circle ?

    At that price, it’s damn near conFiskation ?

    With the new owner, will the Independent continue to be soFiskitated ?

    They just keep suggesting themselves, in a fit of Paronomaia …

  • RAB

    Oh good news indeed!

    I think I will try my hand a getting a job as Environment Correspondent and rock critic…

    Pump up de Gas! Pump up de gas!

  • John W


    He wuz robbed.

  • Chuckles

    John W,

    I’m with you; reminds me of Microsofts’ Edlin editor – free and overpriced.

    But take heart, he is paying one pound to have something with which his kid can play, and Independent News and Media are paying him 9.25 million quid to take it off their hands…

  • Paul Marks

    Actually the “Independent” is such nonsense that (in spite of all the favourable plugs it gets from the taxpayer financed BBC) the Irish owners had to pay the Russian (several million in a printing deal) to take it off their hands – so they could avoid paying redundency costs and so on.

    As for Mr Robert Fisk – well if Putin’s boys do decide to beat him up (for misunderstanding their orders and getting the propaganda line wrong) I am sure he will enjoy it.

    After all Fisk enjoyed being beaten up by some Muslims – he wrote an article saying how much he enjoyed being beaten by them (it was all part of how we should all pay for the “crimes of the West” or something).

    Although Robert Fisk did seem depressed that the Muslims had not buggered him as well.