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Tetley Superheroes

Captain America did not dis the teabaggers. Only his writers and artists. It is time for some new superheroes: The Entrepreneur, Atlas Shrugs, The Tax Return (only in taxes paid…), Death Duty and so on

Why name superheroes after animals when you can dispel you favourite tax. I am designing the uniforms for the supervillains: VAT Package, Solvency 2, KPMG and IFRS…

6 comments to Tetley Superheroes

  • Dr WallStreet

    Captain Trade (oh, the irony)

    Tex Credit (villain)


    Major Douglas (clueless delusional)

    The Invisible Hand of Dr Smith


  • Nuke Gray

    Long ago, I realised that I had a weird mutant power. I could talk to an ordinary woman for just five minutes, and she would have become a lesbian.
    At first, I thought this was some sort of curse, but i realise that this talent is useful in reducing the number of people in the world, since lesbians tend not to breed, so it’s a long-term power, slowly improving the world. Also, it means that I don’t get stuck on unsuitable girls, since I’m hoping that my ideal soulmate will be immune.
    I’m not a superhero, but a semihero. I wonder how many other people have semi-hero powers?
    I even came up with a fancy costume and a name- Nice-Guy. So goodbye from Nuke ‘niceguy’ Gray!

  • William H Stoddard

    Ragnar Danneskjold was already a superhero. Or maybe a supervillain. And John Galt was a classic mad scientist villain, complete with a long speech to explain his master plan and a secret passion for the heroine of the story.

  • Adam Smith – certainly sounds like a false name
    The Hidden Hand
    The Libertarian
    Gold Standard
    Tough Love

  • Paul Marks

    Charges (open or hidden) must be replied to directly – one can not assume that everyone knows the truth, because they do not.

    So I will deal with the matter.

    “Teabagger” – this is term of abuse from the left (it is an “in joke” pointing to some sort of sexual practice – more than this I do not know and do not wish to know) Tea Party protestors do not refer to themselves as “teabaggers” indeed to do so makes no sense (as there were no tea bags in 1776).

    The protests are not “all white” – indeed NBC had to crop the head and arms off an armed Tea Party protester for a television broadcast. They had to do this because the only armed Tea Party protestors they could find (anywhere) were BLACK.

    The Tea Party protestor attacked by a SEIU gang – was also BLACK.

    Glenn Beck has held meeting with large groups of people – whole halls full of BLACK people.

    Do I have to go on?

    Lastly the modern Tea Party protests are primarily about government SPENDING.

    The stress is on government SPENDING – rather than taxes.

    This is the big difference between the modern protests and those of the period leading up to 1776.

    Now these matters are dealt (and they MUST be dealt with – no falsehood must ever be unchallenged) with people can have the discussion about superhero types.

    By the way – there already is a free market superhero.

    “Mr A” – by the creator of Spiderman.

  • The ultimate superhero, and the scourge of big-spending governments everywhere would be a superhero called….The Piper.

    “The Piper is coming. And he WILL be paid ! ! !”