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“In short, sterling is in the toilet, our pensions have been slaughtered, cash savings yield almost nothing, the country is up to its neck in unprecedented debt, the banking system is awash with funny money, our gold reserves were sold off at rock-bottom prices, and Britain’s dole queue is considerably longer than before Crash Gordon began cooking the books. Apart from that, it’s not too bad.”

Jeff Randall.

Even now, after thinking through all the various words written about the plodding disaster of a man that Brown is, it is shocking to contemplate the damage he has done and continues to do, as he heads towards oblivion.

4 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • HappyAcres

    Let’s remember that “Gordon Brown” is a metonym, as “Barack Obama” is here in the States.

    The person is merely the mascot for the underlying infection.

  • Infection? No, tumour, one that strives to make the healthy body it feeds off divert more and more nutrients towards it so it may grow ever larger.

    Socialism and Fabianism in particular is that tumour IMHO. A vile combination of disingenuous “compassion”, self-loathing, ladder-kicking and bullying.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly most people are being taught (at least by the “mainstream” media and by the schools and universities) that the cause of the present crises is “greedy bankers” and the cure is more regulations – plus lots of government spending (“stimulus” and “jobs” Bills) and an expansionary monetary policy (i.e. government controlled central banks creating more of the funny money that caused the crises in the first place).

    At least in Britain books like Thomas Woods “Meltdown” or Hunter Lewis’ “Where Keynes went wrong” or even Thomas Sowell’s “Housing: Boom and Bust” are not found in the book shops and are not reviewed in the press.

    I know I have made the following point often, but it needs to keep being repeated.

    What people are told is the leading “free market” magazine in the English speaking world is the “Economist” – and that magazine never reviews books that point out it was government policy (not “greedy bankers”) that caused the current and future (for the worst is yet to come) crises. And it supports all the monetary bailouts and fiscal “stimulus” measures (whilst claiming to be in favour of controlling government spending – just not now, or last year, or the year before, or next year….)

    A young person who sort out the “free market” case would find corporatist bailoutism.

    It would be quite logical for such a young person to become a socialist – as at least socialism is INTERNALLY logical (although false). Whereas the offical “free market” position (of the Economist and so on) is a mess of contradictions and obvious absurdities. Not really hiding blatent corporate special interests.

  • Still, it could be worse. We could be in the eurozone.

    Then we’d be on the hook for billions to bail out Greece.

    Oh, wait…