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The fascinating thing about this response is that it demonstrates that Cameron, whose only claim to fame is that he is a politician, isn’t even very good at politics.

Richard North describes Conservative Party leader David Cameron’s stonewalling response to suggestions that he might want to rethink his attitude towards the climate change debate

12 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Frank S

    That’s an ‘Ouch!’ if ever I saw one.

  • stephen ottridge

    You can be completely against the concept that global warming is caused by CO2, and yet still want an economy that is way less reliant on fossil fuels. That decribes my attitude, I really like solar power and nuclear for base loads. Bring on electric cars for the little run arounds doing errands or driving a short distance to work. Keep the oil and nat gas for trucks and heavy machinery.

  • Brian, follower of Deornoth

    Yes, quite. Cameron is just another leftard.

  • John B

    It is no mystery why Cameron’s is star waning.
    First the EU non referendum and now this.
    Who really does set the agendas?

  • Alice

    Since Li’l Dave could be replaced as leader rather easily by the Conservative Party, why is he still there?

    It looks like the absence of a challenge to Cameron speaks to a lack of gumption & conviction in the rest of the elected Conservative MPs. Rather as the continued presence of Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party shows the lack of talent & drive in elected Labour MPs. The whole establishment Political Class is worthless.

    Not a happy situation – although it does present an opportunity for some other political party.

  • Eric

    It looks to me like Cameron has decided all he needs to do to get to Downing Street is avoid taking a stand on anything. I haven’t followed the polling lately, but isn’t he right? I mean, you see that in politics all the time – if the other guy is carrying a lot of unpopular baggage you just smile amiably and speak in sweeping generalities.

  • @Alice: This is one of the reasons I gave up participating in our sham democracy a long time ago. They are all useless parasites who I don’t consider fit to clean my shoes.

    @Eric: All politicians do is talk in sweeping generalities, it has been thus for some time. Once you try and nail them on specifics they realise that no matter what they say their answer is likely to piss someone off. They speak in generalities because by doing so they can pretend their trying to make everyone happy, when in fact they’re only trying to keep hold of the power.

    Politicians today are incapable of making hard decisions which will adversely affect any one member of ‘society’ in order to preserve the whole. This is why collectivist politics is broken. That they should even be in a position to adversly affect the life of an individual is perverse.

  • steve

    This is absolutely correct. These politicians are going to look like those from the 60’s opposing integration in the U.S. i.e. It may play at the time but won’t do well historically.

  • Kevin B

    Politicians today are incapable of making hard decisions which will adversely affect any one member of ‘society’ in order to preserve the whole.

    That’s why they set up all those quangos, fake charities and the like. Then, when they get in power, they have a load of guys who will lobby them to order so they can claim ‘scientific’ cover for doing whatever they want to do. Of course it helps if the Beeb is pushing it as well, so that’s why Dave is socialist lite rather than conservative.

    The interesting thing in the AGW case is that Sir John Beddington, Britain’s new witchfinder general, (or whatever his title is), is urging a rethink of the whole AGW scam.

    Of course Dave, being the consumate politician that he is, is well behind the curve and will doubtless be left behind by events.

  • Derek Buxton

    “Will be left behind by events”, unfortunately not soon enough. Please stand up the proper conservative party, hello… is there anybody out there?

  • John B

    Dan Hannan?

  • Paul Marks

    I know I am not a tolerant person – but I find Mr Hannan’s support for Barack Obama in 2008 very hard to forgive.

    Also I dislike his flippant attitude – for example when someone, such as Neil Cavuto, tries to explain the economic problems of the United States to him, Mr Hannan does not listen.

    He just smiles and says “I wish we had your problems – the United States still has a very limited governnment” (which is utter nonsense).

    Neil Cavuto still clearly likes Mr Hannan – but I am less tolerant and do not.

    “But that is just America” – a man who will be careless over one area will be careless over another.