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More than incompetent and worthless…

The TSA is such a useless organization, they have to ‘beat up on’ bloggers with kids!

Is there not some adage about the sort of men who beat their wives? That they do so because they are trying to cover up their feelings of inadequacy by showing off their ‘power’?

Why do we not just disband this worthless organization and admit it never has been nor will be of any use whatever?

5 comments to More than incompetent and worthless…

  • But Dale They have such nice grey plastic bins, and they are so generous with them. It’s so NICE of the government to lend us these precious items, if only for a few moments. We should be grateful.

  • Would the TSA have been more eager to go after Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab if he had a blog?

  • Alan: almost certainly. He would then have been a liability in terms of the TSA’s key nationa job security objectives, instead of an asset.

    I see the Travel Suppression Authority bosses have now withdrawn the subpoenas, and are backpedaling like bad ‘uns in the face of general annoyance. Ha!

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Clearly, you don’t understand: the system DID work! No federal employee has missed a paycheck….

  • Dale Amon

    Yes, if you liked George Jr’s Socialized Airport Security, you are absolutely going to *LOVE* Barack’s Socialized Health Care…