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I watched the US Senate vote on the health care Bill

Some people whip themselves for thrills… me, I watch Congressional votes – no doubt for similar mental reasons.

Anyway the vote was not quite how it would be in a Paul Marks doom-of-horror fantasy – no triumphant cries of “Death to America” and “Obama is the Living God” from the leftists (although Durbin and some others were no doubt thinking at least the first of these two things) as they waved copies of the Economist magazine. However, there were some noteworthy moments.

My favourite was when Senator K.K.K. Byrd shed tears during his vote saying it was for “his friend Ted Kennedy”.

The late Senator Edward Kennedy is presently burning in Hell for the manslaughter of Mary Jo and other crimes (none of which he ever repented of – and repentance, contrary to Hollywood, must include openly admitting one’s guilt and accepting punishment). But it is some seasonal comfort to me that Senator Byrd will be joining Senator Kennedy in Hell, reasonably soon.

10 comments to I watched the US Senate vote on the health care Bill

  • But it is some seasonal comfort to me that Senator Byrd will be joining Senator Kennedy in Hell, reasonably soon.

    They never really die, they reincarnate. No wonder recycling is so popular with lefties.

  • I was beginning to feel light headed with all this seasonal goodwill but I knew we could count on Paul to harsh our mellow a little and remind us why we blog 🙂


  • Paul Marks

    Of course I must formally state (for theological reasons) that I do not know that Senator Kennedy or Senator Byrd will end up in Hell – this, thankfully, is up to a higher power than me.

    In blogging some use of hyperbole is standard.

  • Paul the Seasonal Masochist.

    Alisa is right: the Spectre of Leftism is immortal.

    And so is the maintenance cleanup- never ends.

  • guy

    Begrudging a man – especially a senator – his dementia is just downright mean.

    If only the rest of the U.S. Senate had such a reasonable excuse for being batshit insane.

  • Laird

    Byrd has been “batshit insane” for decades; dementia plays at most a tiny part.

    The bigger problem, of course, is Harry Reid. Here’s a man so monumentally stupid that no one would hire him to manage a convenience store, yet he is running the US Senate. That tells you all you need to know about our political system.

  • My grandmother used to say, “stupid for others, clever for himself”.

  • Paul Marks

    My favourate Harry Reid demented episode is when he is explaining how taxation is “voluntary” – it is all on film, look it up.

    As for who is running the Senate – I doubt it is Harry Reid (although he has lots of staffers who help him). Senator Durbin (as evil as they come) is my guess.

  • Sunfish

    Byrd’s problem isn’t senility. He’s been a klan dipshit for his entire life.

    Reid wasn’t chosen to wield power, but to distract from power. By focusing on a guy from Nevada who’s dumber than a committee of Cornish game hens or on the only guy from 1980’s Saturday Night Live to not be funny (D-MN), you’re distracted from the shenanigans[1] of Durbin or Schumer or Rapist (now defunct).

    [1] What’s the name of that place with the crap on the walls and the cheese sticks?

  • J.M. Heinrichs

    The Senate Dining Room, via the WaPo.