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How some “academics” try to silence AGW skeptics, ctd

Bishop Hill, who has been working overtime to keep apace with the whole University of East Anglia climate change kerfuffle, has this remarkable example of how some journalists have been threatened by AGW alarmists. How lovely.

By the way, as a native of East Anglia, I feel ashamed of how my region has been tainted by these arseholes. When the UEA was originally built back in the 1960s, it was constructed, much to my father’s chagrin, on a golf course. Given the collapse in that institution’s reputation as a result of the emails, perhaps it should revert to golf and do less harm to what remains of the UK’s intellectual life.

7 comments to How some “academics” try to silence AGW skeptics, ctd

  • PersonFromPorlock

    I’m not so sure that’s a ‘threat’ so much as it’s a concerned warning from a rather timid individual. There’s always someone to say “If you report what others say, people will say you agree with it.”

    I could be wrong, but the article isn’t really clear. In any case, the author’s rather robust response seems to have been in order.

  • lucklucky

    Climate Scientist Threatens Boycott of NYT Reporter

    And the threat is against Revkin one of “friends” but that have been posting things outside the “approved narrative”.


  • “By the way, as a native of East Anglia, I feel ashamed of how my region has been tainted by these arseholes.”

    Eh? That hadn’t even occurred to me, and your mention of it strikes me like a little tornado of weird – why would anyone take a generalized dislike to Ipswich, Norwich and the Fens because of Climategate? Have you been sipping your French plonk again?!

  • Yeah, in truth I had the same thought.

  • “…perhaps it should revert to golf…”

    Because razing the place to the ground and salting the earth just won’t do.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Mike, I was not being entirely serious. No self-respecting Ipswich Town fan (such as myself) would be seen dead in that place.

  • Ha! Fairweather supporter. It might be a while before you set foot in Ipswich again then with the results Keane has been getting.