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Whenever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found state education. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery.

– Benjamin Disraeli

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  • Paul Marks

    These words sound rather like (although not the same) as John Locke’s attack on William Penn suggestions for the government of Pennsylvania (Locke attacks the suggestion of government schools by saying that such insitutions would “nip in the bud” dissent).

    However, John Locke (for all his other faults) did not support setting up a system of state schools himself – or the state funding of education (an “alternative” that leads to the same conclusion – for where there is government money there is government control).

    Dizzy not only did not get rid of the Liberal Act of 1870 (setting up School Boards and Board Schools) he also alllowed the Conservative Act of 1876 (which made attendance compulsory in areas which had set up a School Board).

  • As the number of students who home school increases (I believe the estimate is a little over one million but this particular population is notorious for underreporting data to the government), the population who dissent increases. And as those who were home schooled home school their children (which is now happening), the likelihood of that population solidifying further increases. And given that many families who home school are larger families….well, you get the point.
    For ourselves, and many other families we know, we have never reported our activities to the local authorities. There is no incentive to comply. I think my children get the subversive nature of what we have done, and enjoy it. We will certainly do everything in our power to help them continue the family tradition of sedition.

  • Orson Presence

    The time for quotes of the day is over. It’s time for direct action in support of our freedoms. Support Captain Ranty:


  • cjf

    As in Janissaries and Jesuits ?

    Thinking inside the Skinner box is common.
    Conventional thinking is a contradiction in terms.

    When asked by the barkeep, most will want whatever
    the fellow on the floor had.

    DeFoe wrote a poem about every church having a satan’s chapel inside, with the larger of the congregations.

    Doing by wrote is predictable. The surprises come from doing otherwise.

  • cjf

    “captain ranty” seems another leader hosing.

    In the US, the dogmatic left and right still dislike one-
    another. I’ve noted that they are sounding more alike.
    Sooner or later, they’ll realize they don’t have to like one another, to dislike others even more.

    No wonder the artificial “ammo shortage” in the US.

  • I personally think mandatory public education is a violation of the first an forth amendments.

    I thought about homeschooling my kids but don’t for my own sanity. Though I do view school as free babysitting and a place to the kids to socialize I don’t take the curriculum or testing seriously, unless it is something I think is important. These days if someone really wants to learn something they can learn it on the web as long as they can read.

  • Captain Ranty

    “captain ranty” seems another leader hosing.-cjf

    I don’t understand this comment.

    Could you please elaborate?



  • cjf


    Colloquialism, “leader hosing” (probably better as
    “leader hosin’ “. Wordplay on “lederhosen”

    Concept is that a hose-down washes off anything not part of the orgiinal thing, revealing it. Mud off a walk,
    loose paint, or anything stuck to the surface; but, not very well.

    A search for “leader hosing” seems to yield many uses,
    obfuscating the more obvious combination, usually with some sexual inuendo. Then, that’s marketing and politics, for you.

  • Captain Ranty

    Much obliged.


  • Paul Marks

    The left will try and get rid of home schooling (which is a threat to the teacher training college dominated government schools and “private” schools who insist on “qualified” teachers).

    They will either do it directly (as with the lower court that tried to de facto ban home schooling in California by demanding that the parents have a teacher training qualification in every subject they taught – and that they teach all subjects) or they will try and “nudge” (Cas Susteen)) home schooling out of existance by tax and regulation moves.