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One rule for the establishment…

… and another for ‘outsiders‘.

When the LibDems take money that is questionable, it is done in ‘good faith’ and that is the end of the matter… when UKIP does it, they are bankrupted by the Electoral Commission.

Curious, no?

3 comments to One rule for the establishment…

  • cjf

    The usual. Park your car, come back to it, vandalized,
    all the people sitting on their porches or stoops saw
    nothing. They never do. The usual

    Politics is a bad neighbor hood.

  • Paul Marks

    Mr Booker is, as usual, correct.

    UKIP should formally ask why they are being hit and the LibDems are not – in a Press Conference.

    UKIP should also sue (or have the donor sue) Thanet in Kent for the financial loss.

    Also misconduct in a public office is a criminal offence – not just a civil tort.

    Taking a man off the election register (even “accidentially” is negligence).

    As for Perry’s implied question.

    Yes this country is corrupt – very corrupt.