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It’s finger lickin’ good…

What is the world coming to? A man who has not confiscated money from taxpayers, oppressed anyone or plundered their way into wealth was allowed to enter the UN and shake hands with all manner of sainted kleptocrats who are supposed to be there!

This is an inexcusable lapse of security… the predators of the world and their willing minions must be protected from being mocked by harmless capitalist restaurateurs! This must not be permitted to happen again!

13 comments to It’s finger lickin’ good…

  • RRS

    The real value of the UN G.A. as a generator of “perceptions” should be duly (great word – duly) noted.

  • He seems to be absolutely harmless – too bad: a missed opportunity if there ever was one.

  • Jim Vigotty

    I just wondered who cried “Fowl?”

  • Sam Duncan, laughing like a drain

    “It should not have happened – that I will stress, and very strongly,” Michele Montas told Canwest News Service, the Canadian news agency.

    No, we can’t have these fools being made to look like fools, can we?

  • RAB

    As part of its campaign to promote a new menu range, KFC is “lobbying” the UN for the fictional Grilled Nation to be accepted as a member state.

    What’s the problem?

    I can think of quite a few fictional Nations that are members already!

    Lovely stuff!

  • Brad

    One could easily see how this could happen.

    The former Libyan foreign minister was told “The Colonel” was here to shake his hand. Easy mistake to make, I guess.

  • cjf

    Kleptocracy is a good term. So is Plutocracy.

    I once worked with a woman (in a bank) who had been a waitress at his first restaurant. She said he was a good boss; but, would go around the tables, taking portions of customer’s meals and tasting them. If he didn’t like it, he’d scream and curse and demand that they be given a new meal at his own cost.

    Restaurants. UN. Showmanship.

    Don’t tip the doorman at the UN. It could be a president

  • cjf

    The link provided by orcadrvr (thank you) also will link to a hoax (I’ve not known or forgotten) by HLMencken
    This demonstrated the sheer power of a successful
    hoax; no amount of retraction by the originator could undo the ‘common knowledge’ Booboisee.

    A friend of 35+ years (80 yrs old) recalls a story about a Miami, Florida newspaper, during WWII, having a man go about the streets of Miami, wearing a black Gestapo
    uniform, complete with an unloaded Luger. armband, boots, etcetera.

    Even police ignored him.

    I have yet to find any trace of this story on the net.
    However, my friend’s memory for such detail has never
    been wrong. Yet. (He enjoys hoaxes;but, never plays them)

  • Colonel Sanders belongs at the U.N. Under his regime, billions, yes, BILLIONS have died for no other reason than being edible. Even if they were chickens, that should count.

  • I rather enjoyed the pictorial on the same page as that article, about weirdest 2010 calendars:


  • Ernie G

    Dr. Ellen is right. The chickens! For God’s sake, won’t anyone think of the chickens?

  • Paul Marks

    I have a modest proposal.

    Let “Colonel Sanders” go unpunished – but arrest (and jail) all the high representatives at the United Nations.

    After all no decent person has been such a high representative since John Bolton.

    Of course Rothbardians would argue that John Bolton is not decent and should also be imprisoned – but I think Bolton would agree to that (if it was the only way of getting all the other high representatives and officials imprisoned).