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Genetic modification of pulp-producing forests

The world of genetically modified plants took an interesting commercial turn, according to this story by Bloomberg that caught my eye.

3 comments to Genetic modification of pulp-producing forests

  • Paul Marks

    Good news indeed – showing that, even in these times, some good things still happen.

    And no surprise at all that the so called “environmentalists” (who should be in favour of faster growing trees taking C02 out of the air) are against the whole thing.

  • If the self-hating environuts want to go and live in a cave and die young due to malnutririon and other afflictions of a bygone era I’m not going to stop them.

    Technology is the answer to everything, denying that is asking for a slow death. I will not wear a hair shirt simply to assuage their missplaced guilt.

    Research everything, leave no stone unturned, we will survive though judicious application of engineering and science. Not through penitential denial of our nature. We are masters of manipulating our environment (for good or ill) and we will adapt to the current crisis through the use of our technology.

  • Whitehall

    The big breakthrough will be genetic modifications to allow food crops to use seawater.

    It will take a lot of internal energy to do so – crop yields will be lower but it might find a commercial niche.