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Time for a quango to be abolished

Iain Dale, the UK politics blogger, has interesting things to say about how Sir Trevor Phillips, head of the Equalities & Human Rights Commission, has come under attack from the far left over his not being sufficiently on-message with their agendas. Well, as Mr Dale eventually states, it is probably about time that this quango – quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation – was scrapped. Far from soothing racial or other tensions, it seems at times to require their continuation to justify its existence. As any student of Parkinson’s Law will tell you, such a bureaucracy will endlessly look for new things to do, new causes to embrace, or new dragons to be slain. Sir Trevor is, by the standards of such organisations, relatively sane, which no doubt is one of the reasons why the hard left hates him. If he had sense, Sir Trevor should commend the government, any government, to heed Mr Dale’s advice. This organisation needs to join a long list of quangos for annihilation.

5 comments to Time for a quango to be abolished

  • Paul Marks


  • What did Mister Trevor do to deserve his honours, anyway?

  • RAB

    Probably not a lot Ted, but Trevor has friends in very high places, or he would not still be there.

    He is being villified by the far left for finally wakeing up to the fact that one of their most precious shiboleths, Multiculturalism, is divisive not inclusive and is tearing Britain apart not mending it.

    Oh sure I agree shut it down, shut them all down, let’s have a Bonfire of the Quangos, but I fear we are whistling Dixie on this one.
    I seriously doubt that even the BNP, if god forbid they ever came to power, would have the guts to close down Trevors nice little earner.

  • John W

    By ”relatively sane” you mean he merely demanded the severest penalties be inflicted on villagers who dared to publicly signal their displeasure against gypsy trespassers.

    Apparently, everyone shall be presumed guilty even before they have been charged or convicted – trial by Trevor (Link) is the new black very fashionable it seems – or may be not because Bill Clinton said much the same(Link) over publishers of the Mahomet cartoons.

    Though it is, perhaps, interesting to question since when did such conduct by a bureaucrat even become legal in the UK, my own reflections on Sir Trevor incline towards other avenues(Link).

  • Dyspeptic Curmudgeon

    Sean Gabb has already considered and written about how the Quangos should be demolished. Check out: