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Different standards?

Timothy Sandefur writes about the very different treatment in the media, as he sees it, of the case of the guy who shot an abortion clinic doctor and an Islamist who killed an armed forces recruiter in the US. I must admit that until I read Mr Sandefur’s piece, I had not even come across the story of the army recruiter. I am amazed not more of a fuss is being made about this.

A distant relative of mine used to be a US Air Force recruiter up in the Buffalo area. Recruiters are, and have been, targeted for attacks before. I hope this is an issue that is getting plenty of attention.

11 comments to Different standards?

  • US right wing (right wing? non lefty) blogs are full of this story, while left ones are getting hysterical about the right wing, christian, pro life conspiracy to commit violence on prominent pro choicers.

    The one sided approach of the MSN is astonishing, or it would be if we were not already familiar with it here, albeit on other topics.

    Try michelle malkin and dissecting leftism.

  • RAB

    Well we know what His Holyness the Prez had to say recently dont we?

    America will never be at war with Islam

    Jolly Dee think the beards

    That’s a green light to ratchet up the confrontation, conflict and killing.
    Because his Pussyness has said he will be looking the other way.
    Maybe we can get away with Nuking Israel, and all he will say is it was unfortunate but inevitable.

    If I believed in God, I would be down on my knees every day, praying this clown is a one term wanker like Jimmy Carter.

  • Subotai Bahadur

    It goes beyond casual suppression of the story. As someone said [and I am trying to quote, but from memory]; Obama almost blew out a knee trying to run to a microphone to denounce all those who oppose abortion, blaming them for the murder of the late-term abortionist. At the same time, two of the soldiers of the armed forces of which he is the commander in chief were attacked by a Muslim terrorist on the streets of the United States, while on duty, with one being killed; and there was and still is literally dead silence from the White House on the subject.

    There is the not unreasonable conjecture that given his actions on this overseas tour; that this event was not entirely unwelcome.

    For those in Britain who, like Mr. Pearce, have not heard of the story; our Federal Bureau of Investigation has publicly admitted that the shooter was at the time under investigation as a possible terrorist. He was a recent convert to Islam [possibly during a term in a Federal prison], after conversion he travelled to Yemen with the avowed purpose of “studying Jihad”, and drew Federal attention because he was caught during the trip travelling on a forged Somali passport.

    Investigation post shooting has revealed that he had collected what would be targetting data on other military recruiting stations, Synagogues, and Jewish Community Centers; which would imply that this was to be the first of a series of attacks. Bomb making materials were also found.

    Leaving aside the considerable embarrassment of having the subject of an active terrorism investigation carry out an attack while under FBI surveillance; it cannot be avoided that this was a successful Muslim terrorist attack on US soil. One can argue whether it was the first since 9/11, but it was such an attack.

    [John Lee Malvo, the “Beltway Sniper” was also a Muslim convert. It should be remembered that our media was pushing the idea that the Beltway Sniper was a bitter,white, Christian male operating alone. It turned out to be a black, Muslim operating with a partner. ]

    This runs counter to current administration and Democrat controlled media output. About a month ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued guidance for local law enforcement warning that all anti-abortion believers, all who opposed higher taxes and spending, all military veterans, all who support the 2nd Amendment, and all who have historic US flags or stickers on their vehicles or homes should be regarded as “Right Wing Extremists” and “potential domestic terrorists” and dealt with accordingly. The same report specifically downplayed any possible Muslim threat. This report was leaked, and after several days trying to defend it, the government officially retracted it. The reasonable assumption is that unofficially it is still being used. I note that I fall under multiple, although not all, of those classifications.

    Combine this with the administration’s policy of pre-emptive surrender to our country’s enemies and deliberate slights to our few allies; along with the de-facto encouragement of the spread of nuclear weapons to our enemies, and these attacks will become more common and more deadly.

    This administration and its totally captive media [and for all the dismay at what Britain has become, Americans have to acknowledge that at least some of your media has been willing to take on your government] are totally invested in the meme that there is no Muslim or other foreign terrorist threat. All evidence to the contrary is to be ignored and suppressed. Our media is too busy finding new ways to abase themselves to deal with real news. [A couple of days ago, NBC anchorman Brian Williams (a major news reader for the benefit of the Brits here) was caught on tape bowing to Obama at the conclusion of an interview. That is profoundly un-American.]

    The media’s efforts to the contrary, Americans will eventually realise that we have been attacked by Muslims again, on his watch. When, and I deliberately say ‘when’ not ‘if’, we lose one or more cities to a WMD attack in the next couple of years; especially if the means come ultimately from Iran, Pakistan, or North Korea, the blood will be on the hands of Barack Hussein Obama and the entire Democratic Party because of their deliberate policies of alternating inaction and appeasment with dismantling our own defenses. It is too late to stop it. In the aftermath we have to make sure that they will never be allowed to be in a position do it again.

    Subotai Bahadur

  • Subotai Bahadur


    Just after hitting “post” for the above, I encountered Obama’s just issued pro-forma statement of regret at the killing and wounding of the soldiers. It only took two days for them to figure out that the lack was noticed.

    Subotai Bahadur

  • Kevin B

    Subotai, Obama was “outraged” at the abortionist’s murder and “saddened” by the death of the young soldier.

    Make of that what you will.

  • Dom

    Well, I’m glad Obama and the government did not make a stink about the terrorist. It would just give ideas to others like him, and there are probably many like him.

    The anti-abortion nutcases? They’re few and far between it seems to me.

  • RAB

    Bit of an ostrich like stance, dont you think Don?

    They already have ideas, it’s people giving them Semtex and timers I worry about.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    It should be remembered that our media was pushing the idea that the Beltway Sniper was a bitter,white, Christian male operating alone. It turned out to be a black, Muslim operating with a partner.

    But bitter, very bitter.

  • naman

    It this reaction even unexpected anymore? At least Arkansas has the death penalty…

  • Paul Marks

    Sure the blogs cover the Muslim convert murderer.

    But the mainstream media downplay the story – if they cover it all. They are full of Barack Obama and his “Islam is a religion of peace” B.S.

    As for the murder of Dr Tiller.

    Why did not Barack Obama at once come out and say how everyone should be nice to pro life people.

    After all Bush said time after time after 9/11 about how everyone should be nice to Muslims.

    And the Muslim attackers on 9/11 were mainstream Muslims (university graduates and from an organization funded by the Saudi Princes and so on – and supporting the same Wahabbi ideology).

    Whereas no one in the anti abortion groups had ever heard of the murderer of Dr Tiller – the shooter really did act alone.