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A bizarre comparison

Bryan Appleyard, who writes a whimsical blog, likens the wondrous Barcelona FC forward Lionel Messi to the doomsterish intellectual, John Gray. I mean, what the f**k?

Considering how thoroughly Mr Gray has had the tar kicked out of him by this blog and a few others for his less-than-convincing opinions, I fail to see the connection. A certain trickiness, perhaps, a slipperyness? But in a footballer, trickiness in defeating a defender and goalkeeper is a skill to be admired. In Mr Gray, an ability to say six contradictory things before breakfast betokens a certain deficiency, a lack of rigour. But as Brian Micklethwait has pointed out, Gray is actually consistent – consistently pessimistic. He’s an Eyeore come rain or shine.

3 comments to A bizarre comparison

  • Paul Marks

    Dr Gray’s thought is confused.

    About a man who whose task is thought (thinking about political philosophy and communicating his thoughts), what worse thing could be said?

  • Robert Speirs

    I bought one of John Gray’s books (Black Mass) because Nassim Nicholas Taleb said on his website that Gray was the “greatest living thinker”. Now I’m wondering about both of them.

  • Jim

    But all this is explained by the fact that Appleyard is, and always has been, at every moment of the day, a total dickwad.