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The Italian earthquake

Following the dreadful news about the Italian earthquake, this blog about Italy contains a mass of links to charities and organisations helping with the recovery effort in the stricken area. I have some distant Italian relations who live not far away from the area although fortunately they are all okay.

5 comments to The Italian earthquake

  • Thank you for the link to my Italian Earthquake blog posting. Helping this posting raise in the google search engines with your valuable link is helping others find this information quicker. Please change the link anchor from “Rome” to “Italian earthquake” as this is the keyword that many people are using to find the information about the earthquake and hence the posting will be found easier by the people that wish to help.
    May God be with you.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    David, you’re most welcome. I have adjusted the link.

  • Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry that should have read for the anchor text “Earthquake Italy Abruzzo”

  • Paul Marks

    The city of the Eagle will rise again – as it has risen before.

  • Stela Yordanova

    The British Red Cross has launched an appeal to help thousands who are injured or homeless after a powerful earthquake struck central Italy on 6 April. Read more on http://www.redcross.org.uk/italianearthquake