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Not me

Gordon Brown and his pack of malignant ZaNulabour jackals do not deserve all this negative sentiment and opprobrium. No, really they don’t. They deserve far worse.

I regard ZaNulabour as just about the worst thing to happen to this country since the Black Death and I share Brian’s manifest and meritorious glee at the now-very-likely prospect of Mr. Brown (together with his toadies and his cronies and his aunts) being given their marching orders and sent packing off to political obscurity. If we lived in a more civilised world then this story would end with each and every one of them staring up at the glinting, merciless blade of Madame Guillotine. But we don’t, so I will have to content myself with some sincere and noisy expressions of satisfaction at their demise together with a toast to Guido Fawkes, who did so much to bring it about.

But, what then? What follows next after Mr. Brown and his minions have been given the big, national elbow? Well, in due course (and perhaps even short course) Mr. Brown will be replaced by Mr. Not-Brown. And what lessons will Mr. Not-Brown have learned from the rise and ignoble fall of Mr. Brown? He will have learned that you can relentlessly plunder the wealth-producing sector of the economy in order to provide booty for your clients and be regarded as a visionary leader. He will have learned that you can establish a pettyfogging, pecksniffing, bullying surveillance state and be called a great statesman. He will have learned that you can hack at a once-prosperous economy with punitive taxes and onerous regulations until said economy collapses in an anaemic heap and be praised as an economic genius. And, crucially, he will have learned that you can get away with doing all of that, as long as you observe parliamentary protocols and refrain from seeking to smear your political classmates. That is unacceptable.

So Mr. Not-Brown has had his very simple manifesto handed to him on a plate, courtesy of his predecessor. All Mr. Not-Brown has to do is to pledge to ‘clean up’ politics and put a stop to all this lack of propriety and he is home and hosed. He doesn’t even have to keep his pledge because everyone will be so relieved that Mr. Not-Brown is not Mr. Brown that they will believe him. They will want to believe him and so he will get a free pass to do pretty much whatever takes his fancy. All Mr. Not-Brown has to do (for a couple of years at least) is to make sure that his toadies and his cronies and his aunts keep their cards closer to their chests while they get on with what everybody agrees to be the praiseworthy and important business of stamping on our faces.

In the fullness of time, Mr. Not-Brown will also be humbled by some scandal or other (brought to light, I am sure, by Guido) but by then he will have had his fun and he will shuffle away only to hand the baton of national-ruin over to Mr.Not-Not-Brown.

I am already celebrating the unfolding ZaNulabour train wreck and I cannot begin to tell anyone just how pleased I will be to finally see the back of them. But my joy is tempered with the melancholy realisation that a change of government on the basis of sleaze means no real change at all.

19 comments to Not me

  • Ian B

    Very well put.

  • My first passport (which I got a long time ago) clearly states that I am a British subject. Not of the state, but of the Crown, with all the individual rights and freedoms that have been fought for over the centuries and the protection of the Crown.

    It’s the EU that’s turned me into me into a citizen which is now my status according to my current passport and has conspired with the Labour government to rob me of those rights and freedoms.

    Much as I look forward to seeing the back of Brown and his cronies I think an incoming government will do little to roll back the state and will certainly not repeal any of the most oppressive legislation this country has seen since the reign of Charles I.

    We need a revolution, not a new government.

  • William H Stoddard

    Yes, that’s our situation in the United States, with Mr. Not-Bush in charge. “Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss.”

  • grumpy old man

    Posted by John McClane at April 17, 2009 03:59

    my Sentiments entirely

  • Chris H

    Sadly, depressingly true. I will have to cheer myself up by working in my garden (on holiday for two days). I have learned from a comment on one blog that growing your own veg. is some kind of political statement so that may be a bonus. I stopped brewing my own beer when the supermarkets started almost giving the stuff away, would it be a political statement to start that up again I wonder?

  • TomC

    “…conspired with the Labour government to rob me of those rights and freedoms.”

    And the Tory governments that went before.

    See you on the barricades, John.

  • giddle

    what John McClane said

  • Chris H,

    I recently bought a microbrewery for my Brother’s 50th birthday.

    To me it was a highly political statement – that my brother may enjoy a pint (or 40) without let or hindrance.

  • watcher in the dark

    I fear Mr Not-Brown may be, in fact, Mr Born-again Blair as Liebour desperately try to hold on to power.

    Given the doziness of some voters in the mid 90s and subsequently, there may be a sort of warm feeling for the good old days of the previous Liar-In-Chief.

    And as our present government were happy to let Brown in without any sort of vote (other than a few thousand in Brown’s own constituency) they may be happy to eject the Scottish fool in favour of anyone who isn’t him before we get to election time.

  • Kevin B

    I still have my money on the triumphant return of the TOne before the next election.

    Gordo’s pals, who sharpened the knives that stabbed Dear Leader in the back, are the ones who are getting the shaft now, and with them sidelined, the way is open for the Prince across the water to return.

    When the election comes, vote for none of the above, preferably UKIP or Monster Raving Loony rather than the national socialists, but Throw the Bums Out.

  • Alexander

    I’m curious what your feelings are then towards voting for the BNP? Given that the British people are, strangely, still compliant with the government a real revolution seems unlikely, especially considering the continentals would take a dim view of some serfs leaving the plantation. However, if you look past the BNP’s racialism and some very wrongheaded protectionist sentiment, they share an equal, if not stronger, loathing of society and government that you do. Given the nearly obscurity of the UKIP, and that the Tories will just be Labour-lite, are any of you thinking of voting for the BNP? Given I’m an American so I won’t know all of the particulars but I’ve read their site and articles and given their poll numbers they seem about the only group of people that could stop the neverending trainwreck that is modern British politics.

  • “However, if you look past the BNP’s racialism and some very wrongheaded protectionist sentiment…”

    Problem is Alexander… I’d need the Hubble telescope to do that.

    Oh, and they’re lefties.

  • RAB

    Well nobody on this site would vote for the BNP Alexander, of that I am damn near certain.

    As Nick M said, their racism is well flagged, but their Big Govt Socialism and Statism isn’t.

    I too believe that this Labour govt has been the worst in my living memory.
    You knew where you were with the old time Socialists.
    They were wrong about almost everything, but they believed in their ideas and their working class view of the world.They actually came from the class they championed.
    NuLab is something way different.
    They are a very middle class, Uni or more likely Poly educated, that have never had a job that didn’t involve politics.
    They have forgotten, if they ever knew, that they are the servants of the people, not their masters.

    Hence the massive swollen pustule on the arse of the body politic, they have become.
    It will burst very soon and we are going to need more than shovels to clean up the mess.

    I grew up in a district called Heath, in Cardiff, in the sixties.
    Along with the City’s Chief Clerk living directly across the road, and the Chief of CID living five doors down, around the corner was one George Thomas MP, a neighbour and family friend, later Speaker of the House and Viscount Tonypandy.

    Well I was visiting my mum, who still lives there one weekend and walking my dog in Heath Park, when I came to Georges bungalow in King George the Fifth Drive.
    There he was, sitting on the wall, enjoying the sunshine and the views of the park, with his nurse(he was dieing of cancer).

    Hello boy! havent seen you for ages. How’s your mum?
    He said.

    So I sat and chatted with him for a while about this and that, and as I was leaving I said he must be well chuffed that the Labour Party were back in power after all these years (it was June 1997).

    No boy! he said (he always called me boy, well I was 10 when I first met him)
    I wouldn’t have voted for them (Peers cant vote)
    I cant even recognise them!
    They are Tory Lite.
    I would have voted UKIP.

    He died not long after, and would be totally ashamed of the party that has ruined this country in a mere 12 years.

    And so Alexander, I will be voting UKIP this Election, no matter how flakey some of the membership are.

    First things first.

    Get rid of Brussels, then we can get back to governing ourselves (however badly) at least then, decisions taken are ours to take and revise, not imposed by a ruling European elite of the unelected and unremovable.

  • RAB

    Smited again!
    First time in a long time.

    My lyrical invective must be tickling your Bot Perry.

    Get it up as soon as you can folks
    There is nothing contentious there, or that can not be fact checked.

  • Racialism? Don’t you mean racism? Call it what it is and don’t play word games with us, you’ll be torn to shreds.

  • Sunfish

    I’m curious what your feelings are then towards voting for the BNP?

    All of the socialistic asshattery and fascistic douchebaggery of Labour, combined with a healthy dose of too-stupid-to-live racist bullshit?

    You go on with your bad self there, Scooter.

  • Alexander

    Fine mandrill, racist it is then, I don’t particularly care what term you or they use. The question stands though, despite their wrongness on a great many things I find them significantly less wrong on important issues than any other major party aside from the UKIP, which anymore seems about as likely to win anything as the Green Party in the U.S. So given, as many commenter s here have said, the near impossibility of a popular revolt…is voting BNP the lesser of all evils?

  • is voting BNP the lesser of all evils?

    No it is the greater of all evils. I have often said that “voting for socialism for fear of fascism is like suicide for fear of death”… change the order and it is still true.

    I want to get rid of authoritarian collectivists, not just change which authoritarian collectivist are screwing us.

  • The simple truth is that those who currently reside in the political establishment are unkowing dupes on display, serving only as the public face for the real devoted enemies of freedom.

    The puppet show known as our electoral system only serves in implementing their ultimate agenda. Expect the hightened continuation of our servitude under the next regime.