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After hubris, comes…..

The One comes out with some jaw-dropping remarks at times.

15 comments to After hubris, comes…..

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  • Much of the left thinks that terrorism and militant Islam is entirely a response to American actions. When you combine that with a belief that Republicans are evil imperialists and Democrats are not, it all makes perfect sense.

  • Kevin B

    The trouble is he really believes that, now that he is President, the Earth will stop burning, the seas will stop rising and peace will guide the planet and love will steer the stars.

    Add in the fact that our own dear Gordon will save the world from economic disaster and that even in far off Oz, KRudd is displaying his messianic streak, and it doesn’t take Cassandra to prophecy nemesis just around the corner.

    Having just disemboweled a chicken and read the entrails, (well I had a Tesco’s ready meal chicken casserole for dinner), I foresee that the coming disaster is going to bring us all down with it.

  • Not that I enjoy defending Obama – but I don’t lump this statement about Al Qaeda in with his staggeringly long list of other arrogant insinuations. The truth is, a lot of leaders, and especially ordinary residents, of Europe need to hear this, as they honestly labor under the delusion that everything about Al Qaeda’s attacks are entirely the fault of US foreign policy. And actually, this is hardly limited to Europe. Family gatherings are painful for me because some of my own relatives need to have the same point explained to them over and over (and over and over). It’s totally irrational, but there it is: there are a lot of people in the world who honestly believe that George Bush’s abrasive personality caused 9/11 all by itself. If those people can’t hear this simple truth from Obama, they can’t hear it from anyone.

  • Oops – should have read Michael Jennings’ comment before posting my own. Makes the same point more concisely. Apologies.

  • Kevin B

    On the subject of Obama and hubris, I read this post at JOM, then read the linked NYT article, then read the post again and thought: “This must be a parody.”

  • Kevin, you didn’t by any chance miss the caption:

    The Brain Trust President Obama with Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, left, and Lawrence H. Summers

    Has to be a parody.

  • Kevin B


    We shouldn’t mock. After all, poor Barack will probably have to stay up till midnight again tonight learning all about virology and epidemiology so that he can cure the swine flu pandemic.

  • Awesome. I hope he does. And yes he can. Think of all the lives he’ll save. Man am I glad to be in the US.

  • router

    people of the world, do not despair our messiah will inflict pain on you soon!

  • Nuke Gray!

    After Hubris comes Huckster, in my dictionary. Seems like a logical progression, as well!

  • kentuckyliz

    Still, BHO keeps talking about Bush. It’s all about Bush. Apparently he forgot that on Inauguration Day, the buck now stops with him.

    The buck doesn’t stop with him. Zobama Nation has a great video on PJTV “Under My Bus”–the Stones tune. It’s getting crowded under there.

    Probably the most arrogant thing evah was the Air Force One flying around NYC skyscapers the other day, causing widespread panic. THAT was arrogant. I don’t believe for one second that he didn’t know about it, perhaps even personally ordered it. Ego!

    The Affirmative Action President is clearly out of his league. Watch his puppetmasters.

  • Millie Woods

    Folks in the UK might be unaware of the incredible stupidity of the Obama administration vis a vis the northern neighbour. According to Janet Napolitano the 9/11 terrorists came into the US via Canada. Charles Schumer the NY senator even knows the entry point – Buffalo and what’s even worse John McCain also signs on to Canada as the entry point for the 9/11 murderers.
    The unbelievable stupidity of this administration is truly mind-boggling but then the rest of the political class and the MSM equal their numerous shortcomings. To even suggest the dumbo-eared ignoramus is a great charismatic orator is delusional. To claim intelligence for this idiot is simply ridiculous.

  • What do you expect from a person who names his dog after himself? I mean, that is really, really telling.

  • Paul Marks

    Senate Majority Leader Harry “taxes are volunary” Reid has a book comming out next week (well a book under his name anyway).

    In the work we are informed that when Barack Obama was complemented by Harry Reid on a supposedly good speech he simply replied “I have a gift”.

    Millie Woods:

    Do you not wonder why so many establishment people (Democrat and RINO) wrongly think the 9/11 attackers came over from Canada?

    They have been told that they did – by officials who rightly guess that establishment politicians do not check facts and just assume that what they are told is true.

    It has been going on a long time.

    For example, look what the officials told Predident Truman about the Chinese Civil War sometime.

    Mao not really a Communist (and so on and so on).

    And, yes, the officials concerned knew perfectly well that what they were saying was a pack of lies.

    In government if one trusts “briefing papers” (and so on) one is lost.

    What is in such documents is often not true.