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Turn every damn light in your house on

At 8:30 pm, I will turn on every single light in my house for one hour in protest against those who would bring our civilisation into a new dark ages.

26 comments to Turn every damn light in your house on

  • the other rob

    I may well do the same, here in Texas. If I remember.

  • Right On ! Screw these Earthists !

  • RRS

    This kind of gimick exhibits a form of Nihilism to the effect that all that has come through the existence and activities of humankind is “nothing” (of value) and should be done away with (step by step and piece by piece). What is conceived of as the “Earth,” shall be deemed to have an existence and form separate and apart from human existence and the interactions of humans (and of many other life forms and physical phenomena) with it; that “Earth” should be restored to (or kept in) what is to be regarded as its “natural” state.

    The whole imagery of that concept has become an academic and political industry.

  • Agreed. Plus the lights in the garden. I shall then light some candles in the window (for extra CO2 boost) and put a photo of Wadsworth Towers in all its lit-up splendour on my ‘blog.

  • Johnathan Pearce

    Fuck them. I’ll also raise a glass to the spirits of Thomas Edison and Faraday.

  • Mark,
    Won’t doing that increase your putative land value tax valuation? 😉

  • On the contrary,I shall be turning all the lights off,having an accident,sueing the organisation who suggested this idea,costing the NHS money and claiming on the insurance.The latter will lobby for it to be illegal to turn all the lights off,legislation will follow.

  • Personally I am celebrating Earth Hour between 1am and 2am tomorrow morning.

  • Yep, me too. Our house is on a ridge, has large windows, and has an off-white interior. Even one or two lights tends to make the whole house light up. With all of them on, it should be quite visible.

    In the meantime, here’s a passage from Lucifer’s Hammer by Niven and Pournelle:

    Be the First In Your Block to Help Blow Out the Electric Power Network of the Northeast

    East Village Other is proud to announce the first annual blackout of the Werewolves which is fixed for 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 19, 1970. Once more let me put the system to the test. Help the companies producing and distributing electric power to improve their balance sheets by consuming as much as you can; and even then find some way of using a bit more. In particular, switch on electric heaters, toasters, air conditioning, and any other apparatus with a high consumption. Refrigerators turned up to the maximum, with their doors left open, can cool down a large apartment in an amusing way. After an afternoon’s consumption spree we will meet in Central Park to bay at the moon.


    Hospitals and other emergency services are hereby warned, and invited to make necessary precautions.

    The East Village Other (an underground paper), July 1970

  • Ian B

    Sadly, all mine are compact fluorescents. Can anybody lend me some incandescents for the evening?


  • Sgt Hardkill

    I will do likewise, accompanied by the spewings-forth into the atmosphere the products of internal combustion after firing up the generator, which shall run for the duration.

  • Kevin

    Amazing how billions of earthlings around the planet dare to “care about the world” paranormal beings floating on clouds created.

    Who do they think they are trying to “protect ‘Murki-stan” from their own demise?

    Wonders never cease!

  • manuel II paleologos

    I just tried to turn all mine on, but as usual (with teenage kids in the house) they already were. Every one of them – main lights, lamps etc.

    I feel cheated. Tumble dryer is on too, and the immersion heater. Struggling to think of what else I can do here.

  • Well, I have surveyed our street of 17 houses (all 2 stories, build as a new estate around 1994). This was in terms of rooms/places at the front of the houses, that were lit at 2010 and at 2050 local time. The choice of front of house was made to give equal weight to all houses, irrespective of visibility of sides and backs of houses; places included outside lights, hall and landing.

    The result is that, of the 17 houses, only 1 had shown any significant change indicative of compliance with the requested ‘Earth Hour’ of lights out. In that one house, 2 candle lights were visible.

    Of the rest at 2050, 3 houses were showing less lights and 3 houses were showing more lights (by one lighted room/place each in every case). The remaining 10 houses were showing the same number of lights. Average illumination per front of house moved from 2.76 rooms/places to 2.59 rooms/places; at both times, the range was 0 to 5, out of a possible 8.

    Though I was somewhat tempted to follows the request of Perry and others to set my house with full illumination of every room, in the end I decided my heart was not into confrontation with such an illogical (and minority) event.

    Best regards

  • Robert


    A short piece, but a reassuring one.

    When I first read about the switch off the lights plan, this morning, my reaction was, what utter nonsense. But so many people, including a lot of the influential, seem to have bought into this, that I felt rather alone for questioning it – as I am no doubt meant to.

    Then I read your succinct comment. Again, thanks.

    P.S. I’ll be switching-on all my lights, to at 8:30pm Eastern Time.

  • Henning

    I took a walk round the flat at 20:29. Even started the washing machine.
    From what I could see from my window there are no friends of Gaia nearby 🙂

  • As of 8.35 East Coast Time there is no sign whatsoever that people in the People’s Socialist Republic of the Upper West Side are turning out their lights.

    MMMMM ?

  • Nick E

    It also did not appear that anyone in the Bolivarian Caliphate of Cambridge, Mass. was willing to forego that hour of their nightlife.

    And yes, I was watching basketball with the lights on during that hour, and also taking the opportunity to charge my cellphone and iPod. Viva la civilisation!

  • GFL

    I turned everything on … and found what a habit it is to turn lights off!

    My local DVD rental place were candle lit for the evening. I politely didn’t engage in conversation, but did think they’d have made more of a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions by leaving the lights on and burying the candles.

    Science v. Superstition: science is currently down but not out … I hope.

  • I was at a concert last night during the endarkenment hour, listening to Frederic Chiu play Mendelsson, Chopin, and Liszt on a very nice piano. Much more useful than turning out the lights.

  • Jack

    So am I right to assume conservatives celebrate World AIDS Day by having unprotected sex with male prostitutes?

    Just asking…

    Going to create: “Don’t Shoot Self in Face Day” that way your ilk can celebrate the opposite AND create income for your local Funeral Parlors

    ….after all contributing to your local economies might finally make you live your “personal responsibility” mantra ring true.

  • @Jack: I think the difference is that it’s pretty much established that Aids is spread by unprotected sex, whereas it is pretty much disputed whether anthropogenic global warming is at a catastrophic level or at one where the proposed measures (Kyoto agreement and beyond) are, on balance, anywhere near economically beneficial.

    Equating these two is, thus, not going to do much for your credibility, especially where rational argument is the most prevalent sort.

    Best regards

  • Sunfish

    When 8:30 hit, I was foot-to-the-floor in an oversized American-made V8 land barge with a whole bunch of extra lights and noisemakers going. But I had a good reason. (Or so we thought. Three people arguing in a parking lot is not a six-person fight with weapons and I was a little disappointed.)

    Jack: What Nigel said. I know that unprotected sex spreads HIV. I’m a little skeptical about AGW. More than a little. Okay, I think about 5% of the arguments are plausible and 95% sound like self-serving bullshit. But that’s neither here nor there.

  • Jack, old boy….don’t shoot self in face day was created the day whatshisface the Pinko took office in January and the libs have been busy shooting themselves and each other and everyone else in the face. The really odd thing is the way libs love to shoot their children and their grandchildren in the face. Do they actually think the little blighters are going to live a better life than they have with the burden of zillions of dollars of wasted money to pay back to the past their leftist granny and grandad procured for them with socialism?
    Never engage in unprotected spending. It creates aid, which the government can’t resist giving you because you were a moron just like them. And then you will be a slave of the state and won’t have a light switch of your own to turn on.

  • watcher in the dark

    Earth Hour. Posturing time for eco-loonies.

  • kentuckyliz

    I left all the rooms in my duplex apartment lit up, blazingly, not as a statement about Earth Hour (which I had quite forgotten about), but because I had left to go pick up my visiting rellies from the train station 2 hours away and would be gone overnight.

    The methheads next door have been looting other people’s stuff in storage, so I’m afraid to leave my place unattended, because I fear they’ll break in and loot.

    My other neighbor has a sign posted on his door, that at first glance looks like the standard security company sign (a blue stop sign)–but instead of the company logo, it shows a handgun. The words on the border of the image say, “This property is protected by the Second Amendment.” I am about to go this route too.

    Methheads suck.