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Samizdata quote of the day

“It is perfectly possible for inertia to be beneficial and an improvement, if the alternative is poorer. It is the same fallacy as the claim of the current Government concerning the current economic crisis, that ‘doing nothing is not an option’.”

– Former England rugby player and man of firm views on the sport, Brian Moore. Now a television commentator and newspaper pundit, Mr Moore sees parallels between the rule changes in rugby – some of which have been a retrogade step, in his view – and the reaction of certain governments to the credit crisis.

3 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • That’s the strange thing.

    You’d expect all this stuff to be ruthless vote-buying, so I ran a Fun Online Poll on how the UK Government should respond to the slump in the UK housing market and eighty per cent of those who voted (click name for full results) voted for ‘do nothing’.

    Admittedly, that result is skewed by the centre-right tendencies of my ‘blog and those who read it, but all the same…

  • Kevin B

    I can hear Mooro commenting as Jaqui Smith beclowns herself again:

    “I’m sorry, but that’s just incredibly dull!”

  • Patrick

    To be fair, the analogy is f**ked. The Rugby ELVs haven’t worked as well as they might, but they are still an improvement on the old rules.

    The correct analogy is that under the old rules you could protect the ball from ‘excessive’ competition whereas now you are obliged to actually keep it away from the other team by better playing.

    But any analogy is going to be a bit of a stretch when you are talking about a game that depends, like most games, on entirely arbitrary rules!!