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There are no jack boots here, that’s too obvious, perhaps at some later point more overt force if there is too much “selfish” foot dragging by you or me, though the powers and aggression of the government’s already-existing “force” is sufficiently threatening to anyone who might resist. Make no mistake about that. The speech (2/24) by Obama was a seemingly soft yet determined Declaration of War against free exchange, against the natural and beneficial chaos of the myriad of human transactions (spiritual and economic – which cannot be rationally or logically separated by the way!). He is simply doing that which popular mainstream philosophy and pop culture point to and in effect “authorize.”

– ‘Mister Integrity

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  • Paul Marks


  • There are jack boots and there are Jacqboots.

  • dre

    Liberal Fascism 🙂

  • Nuke Gray!

    I think the real rot set in with ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears’, and it’s been downhill since. It’s too easy to blame ‘Democracy’, which isn’t even the right word. The Athenians had real Democracy, we have rule by agents of the people- Delegate-ocracy.
    I think the real fault is that we are too separate from government. If we had only town-hall meetings, and vote then and there, that would be better. Having ‘Representatives’ is what creates the split between ‘government’ and society. Direct Democracy would be better.

  • tdh

    Having participated in town meetings, and observed the bottom feeders’ still-overwhelming presence there to ensure their share of the loot, I can’t say that town meetings are an improvement. Usually, the really bad decisions get made in committees the members of which are elected, and their decisions are more or less rubber-stamped by the town meeting. If they want to give a huge payraise to ostensible teachers, far out of line with median pay increases in the region, they’ll do it. And I don’t have the energy right now to keep track of all of their crap.

    The mechanisms are broken in some respects, admittedly, but the drivers are falling-down drunks, and couldn’t find a garage if they tried.

  • Nuke Gray!

    So can’t you outlaw those committees? Why do you need them? And, another subject, how many policemen do you need? Perhaps you could cut down on taxes if citizens were rostered for road patrols, and ordinary duties like that? The Sheriff and some detectives could do all the rest. What do you need those committees for?

  • Paul Marks

    When Richard Cobden (he of the Anti Corn Law League who libertarians so highly praise) was compaigning for an elected council for Manchester (as opposed to the old closed Corporation which basically concentrated on organizing annual dinners for the members and other such) he made a big point about how it would mean lower “rates” (property taxes).

    Almost needless to say when the Municipal Corporation (Reform) Act of 1835 came (which swept away the old Tory closed Corporations everywhere bar the old City of London) property taxes went UP – almost everywhere.

    It is true that direct democracy – i.e. a direct vote, can SOMETIMES turn back some statism (especially if the government is not allowed to have “education” campaigns to brainwash the voters – as, sadly, they are in Switzerland). So perhaps direct democracy is better.

    But mass meetings?

    Did not work in Athens – they voted for more money for themselves at the expense of “the rich” and when that did not provide enough money they approved looting allied cities.

    Which led to these cities allying with Sparta.

    Of course the looters had a leader – at that leader was Pericles.

    The most over rated politician in history – for he was the man who did more than anyone else to stir up the majority of citizens to approve folly that led to their destruction.