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It has taken this Labour government longer to wreck the economy than previous ones, but they have done so comprehensively.

Fraser Nelson, The Spectator.

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  • Looking into the future, it’s hard to see how Labour can ever be reelected. They brought the country to its knees in 1979 and now again in 2009.

    Still, I suppose one should never underestimate the foolishness of the great British electorate.

  • All it takes is for Cameron to be elected and to all intents and purposes, the Labour party will indeed have been re-elected.

  • Happens in Australia too. Current Rudd Labor has spent in 12 months a Federal surplus it took 12 years to achieve. The State Labor governments are all incompetent basket cases and in debt.

    Australian economy not yet completely wrecked but rapidly getting there. The electorate never learns.

    Folks we may not be seeing a Great Depression – more like civilisational collapse. Don’t think it can happen – see Zimbabawe.

  • Paul Marks

    Yes the wonderful Kevin Rudd (so praised in the publication “The World in 2009” by the establishment media).

    He saw that other nations had big borrowing problems and unsustainable entitlement programs – whereas Australia had a balanced budget and had made some provision for future problems with the entitlement programs.

    And then he made a deliberate choice to copy the nations that were in a mess (he even started handing out money to the banks).

    My curse on him – may he burn for what he has done.

    As for David Cameron:

    For a moment I had some hope (Perry will laugh at that – but I must admit it). Mr Cameron finally admitted that the Labour party government spending plan was insane and could not be “matched” by the Conservatives.

    He did not say that government spending will have to be cut – which it must be if there is to be any hope of recovery. But there was progress (I thought) so I watched to see what would happen.

    Then Mr Cameron brought back “Ken” Clarke.

    I had been a fool – yet again.