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Naughty luggage

Via the wonderful Boing Boing site, I came across this rather, ahem, interesting luggage. And the website is French. Quite what the airport security people will make of this is anyone’s guess. I suspect that many airports will not see the joke.

7 comments to Naughty luggage

  • Paul Marks

    These are decorations, not weapons. If any “security” person objects then they are demented.

    Sadly, becomming demented is a common consequence of having power over other folk.

    If any “Economist” type person ever reads the above – the English language concept of “folk” does indeed have a common root with the German langage concept of “volk”. However, the cultural meanings of the concepts are wildy different.

    For example, “folk wisdom” or “common sense” is almost the opposite of “volk sense” or “volkishness”.

  • criminal

    oh no.. those boys in airport security are well known for having a great sense of a humour. (almost as much as the french themselves)

    How could they fail not too? their job must be a laugh a minute dealing with great unwashed british public, cattle marching them through high powered electro-magnetic fields in their socks while depriving them of anything liquid.

  • The problem is that airport security staff would dimly realise that the piss is being taken out of them and would retaliate.

  • Remember that a large part of the training customs officers and airport security personnel undergo is the identification and ruthless eradication of whatever tiny corpuscle of humour they might have had.

    The only way to avoid ending up in a holding cell while some oaf snaps a rubber glove on (or worse) is not to do anything – anything – that draws attention to oneself. These suitcases are about as sensible as that silly girl who strapped a circuit board with blinky lights to her chest and walked around an airport.

  • Is it safe to put Weather Underground logos on luggage? Ayers and Dohrn are respectable college professors now, so I guess there’s no harm in that.

  • Daran

    If security suspects you are trying to be difficult, they will find ways to reciprocate. This is keeping me from using a NATO ammo can as travelbag.

  • llamas

    Daran wrote:

    ‘If security suspects you are trying to be difficult, they will find ways to reciprocate. This is keeping me from using a NATO ammo can as travelbag.’

    In 1988, I travelled to the UK from the US with 200 rounds of shotshells packed in a used container of 40mm AA ammunition – the molded plastic job with the lids on both ends. It had the yellow NATO stencilling all over it, no question about what it was.

    I declared it and checked it with my bags (BA to Heathrow). The ticketing supervisor gave it a cursory look and passed it as acceptable. At Terminal 4, it came out on the baggage carousel along with everything else – the ‘bang’ when it hit the outer rim would have woken the dead. I hooked it and hauled it and noone had a word to say about it.

    Happier days, happier times . . . I wouldn’t try that today.