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A tasty plug-in device

I just love gadgets, and this has to be one of the funniest. Ideal for bloggers at breakfast.

6 comments to A tasty plug-in device

  • Shame it is a joke – I would almost find it to be useful. Perhaps USB 3.0 will support enough power?

  • Jacob

    A better idea for bloggers who need breakfast.

  • Superautonomist!

    I wonder what happens when HAL decides to add cyanide supplements to your toast?
    I’ve heard of a better gadget than that! Element Four, a Canadian company, has invented a device called a Water Mill, which will condense up to 12 litres of water a day from the surrounding air. They claim it uses the same amount of power as is used to power three light bulbs.
    Suddenly, the chance to open up dry lands to farms is at least feasible! With Solar power, people could be more independent than at present! This could be the technology of pioneers in the near future!

  • anonymous

    Not breakfast related, but it is a USB device:


    Unclutterer’s “Unitasker Wednesday” frequently features some useless food-related and/or USB items.

    The following might be of interest to those of us who sit at our computers a lot:


    Condiment Gun

    Personal Microwave


    Snack Daddy

    Hot Dog Pop-Up Cooker

  • jerry

    ‘which will condense up to 12 liters of water a day from the surrounding air’

    Key phrase is ‘up to’. Kinda depends on ambient humidity.
    There are places on this planet where you wouldn’t get 12 liters in a WEEK.

    ‘Suddenly, the chance to open up dry lands to farms is at least feasible!’

    Not hardly. They’re dry for a reason – see above.

    And the entire ‘solar power’ idea from top to bottom is FAR more complicated, polluting, and less reliable than many who think it is mankind’s salvation seem to realize.

    Just ONE of the problems is having a reliable 100% backup system ( which if you have that – then why build the solar part at all)

  • Try this gadget… possibly not at breakfast 🙂