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Ross rebranded via satanic slut

Jonathan Ross has not followed his own advice. His new book is entitled “Why do I say these things”. How apt!

Perhaps he should employ a chimpanzee as a personal censor. Especially when his foolishness focused upon a member of the satanic sluts. I would not dare to cross them.

7 comments to Ross rebranded via satanic slut

  • Ian B

    I’m sure she’s a lovely girl with a smashing personality but honestly, if you’re going to call yourself “Voluptua” you really do need a bigger pair of tits than that to get away with it.

  • Johanathan Pearce

    The BBC is getting a lot of heat for the antics of these two men. But the real issue, as ever, is that the BBC is run by people who think they are invincible.

    The licencee fee should not just be abolished, but the BBC broken up and its journalists sold into slavery. As Sean Gabb says, the BBC and its ilk are part of the “enemy class”, and must be annihilated.

  • Jay Thomas

    What market failure of the commercial television industry were Ross and Brand were attempting to address in their skit?

    Did they determine that the free market was simply not providing enough humiliation of the elderly and sneering barbs at others expense?

    Good thing we have the license payer to step in and fill the gap

    Imagine where we’d be if all we had was the coarseness and vulgarity of commercial TV?

    Aren’t we lucky to have ‘auntie’ to protect us from such excesses?

  • Ian Bennett

    The biggest problem I have with this story is that the only person I can imagine wanting to have sex with Russell Brand is Jonathan Ross.

  • RAB

    While I have always found Brand a talent free zone, his resignation tonight puts him well up in my estimation.
    Wossie on the other hand has been taking the piss, as opposed to creating humour for years now.
    He thought himself fireproof, and has acted as such.

    Fair enough he is moderately witty, has a quick brain for a quip and rejoinder, but to describe him as a comedian is taking the piss in my opinion.

    He lucked out by stealing the format of the Letterman show lock stock and barrel, not by any hint of any creativity of his own. He will cling on like a fuckin barnacle to his nice little earner.
    I am old enought to remember Simon Dee. He just fell out with the management, not us the viewers. He never worked in TV again.
    You want to test the market Wossie?
    Resign yourself and see how fast ITV hire you (or more likely not)

    I know it’s short notice, but should anyone at the BBC want to have me as substitute for his friday night chat show, I am available. 😉
    Other than that, fill the space with a couple of episodes of Faulty Towers.

    Oh yes and that brings me to the crux.
    It is the BBC management who should be fired first.
    What the fuck was the producer etc thinking about letting that piece of shit on the air considering that it was pre-recorded not a live slip of the tongue?

  • mike

    “I know it’s short notice, but should anyone at the BBC want to have me as substitute for his friday night chat show, I am available.”

    They’d better check what Nick M is doing as well – we can’t have you hosting a show without your sidekick now RAB can we?!

  • RAB

    Great idea Mike (you snide bastard 😉 )

    Had the BBC the guts for real “Edgy” humour
    I’m sure Nick and I could get the ratings for our Saturday live chat show back up to the 20 million something that great double acts like Morecombe and Wise and the Two Ronnies used to get, rather than the 5 million at best (if he’s got Madonna on this week) that Wossie limply manages for his money.

    Yes Nick M is a friend, but then many people on this site are. This is a crime?