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An Idaho write-in campaign

Greg Nemitz is running a write-in campaign for the Idaho 2nd Congressional District:

I’m Gregory Nemitz. I’m a conservative Republican running for Congress as an official Write-In candidate for Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District.

Your Congressman, Mike Simpson, recently voted twice for the $810 billion bailout bill. You also need to know that the liberal Democrat candidate said she would have voted FOR the bailout.

I have absolutely no idea if we have any readers in that district, but if you are one, check out his campaign video.

Greg is an acquaintance of mine through aerospace circles. We first crossed paths on the internet a couple decades ago and I have even met him in person a few times.

5 comments to An Idaho write-in campaign

  • He shouldn’t be calling himself a Republican if he is running against the Republican nominee.

    You are either a party member, or not one.

    I’m sure the Libertarians or Constitutionalists might take him on board as an “official” write-in, however.

  • I think he can be a Republican if he is a member of the Republican Party. There isn’t enough room for two Republicans in that town – but they can fight each other over it, surely?

  • apl

    Kristopher: “He shouldn’t be calling himself a Republican if he is running against the Republican nominee.”

    Can Bush call himself a Republician, having just given monarchial powers to Ben Bernanke?

  • Sorry, guys, but that not how political parties work in the US.

    The time to settle such issues is during nominations. Failure to get an acceptable nominee is a failure on your part as a party member for not getting the groundwork done.

    Once the candidate is nominated, party members should support the nominee. This goes for ALL parties, R, D, L, or whatever.

    Just basic loyalty … either support the party candidate, join a different party, or go solo.

    Just my $0.02 … but if you want more say in your party next election, you might want to heed it.

  • Vic

    Funny, arguments.
    BTW, one of the reasons why Obama is going to win is his fight with Hillary, this exposure helped him win Presidency, poor McCain didn’t have a chance, he came in late and had Bush’s Legacy to deal and picked the wrong VP. (Somone like Mike Simpson doesn’t want to publicy fight someone in his own party, he already thinks he is the title holder, why should he put his belt up for grabs.) Its too bad Greg Didn’t get in official on the ballot, he would of had a much better chance of actually winning. Many TRUE repulicans were against the Bailout. I always have to laugh when the “Conservative” Republicans spend more than the Liberal Democrats.
    I usually vote democrate, however I voted for Greg Nemitz, who states he is a republican.
    I promised myself I would not vote for ANYONE supporting the Bailout.
    I’m so Glad Greg offers Idaho Voters an alternative choice.
    Infact I split my vote a few times this year.
    People need to realize its not about Partys, its about the issues. Its obvious to me with the amount of corruption going on in Washington that we need to elect honest people we can trust, not people who say they are “republican” or “democrats”. Everyone should run as Independent and state their issues. People don’t even bother to look at the issues or where their candidates stand. They might as well have a ballot form the just had a “repulican” or “democratic” check box.
    I can’t believe ANY Repulican would Support Larry Craig or George Bush after what has come to light.
    Please use your brain when voting.