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Even ineffective dissent cannot be tolerated by the Europe’s authoritarians

Daniel Hannan has a short but pointed article about how the European Parliament does not hesitate to ignore its own rules if it means they can crush euro-sceptic dissent.

The European Parliament operates a corporatist system: in order to move amendments, propose debates or qualify for campaign finance, MEPs are required to join trans-national Groups. To incorporate such a Group, you need at least 20 Euro-MPs from five states. This means that, alongside the big Groups – the Christian Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Communists and Greens – there is also a little bloc of Euro-sceptics called Independence and Democracy. There was also, briefly, a Euro-fascist alliance (erroneously termed “far Right”), which fell apart because its block-headed members couldn’t stand one another.

The new rules, drawn up by the Labour MEP (and touchy blogger) Richard Corbett, would raise the thresholds to 25 MEPs and seven states, making it harder for dissidents to register. What are they so scared of, these Euro-fanatics? After all, we sceptics represent no more than 50 or 60 MEPs out of 785. Why not treat us as an Official Opposition, thereby demonstrating their fair-mindedness and bestowing a measure of legitimacy on their institution? Because they can’t bring themselves to do it. They hate us too much.

Disgraceful but hardly surprising.

1 comment to Even ineffective dissent cannot be tolerated by the Europe’s authoritarians

  • Horace Dunn

    In passing, Hannan identifies one of the “big” – and therefore acceptable groups – as Communists.

    Can it really be the case that Communists – adherents to one of the vilest and most inhuman ideologies ever devised by man – are considered less contraversial than Euro-sceptics?

    What a world.