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Did anybody watch ABC World News tonight, July 3rd?

The reason I ask is that I was half listening and I heard a really good and rather funny quote go by. I stopped what I was doing and typed as much of it into the computer as I could remember. Then I went to the ABC News website and replayed the story. The quote was either removed from the story or I am confusing two similar stories on the same night. That is why I am asking for help.

As I recall, a reporter, I think but I’m not certain it was the John Berman piece, was reporting Obama’s latest policy shift as he maneuvers against McCain. Apparently a campaign staffer said or was quoted as saying : ” [Obama] makes decisions based on what he thinks is right.” To which the reporter added rhetorically “The question is ‘how far to the right?”

Great quote. Where’d it go? Obamabots?

And as an aside, I realize that Obama is promising us “change”. But does it have to be so often?

5 comments to Did anybody watch ABC World News tonight, July 3rd?

  • Gib

    The moral of the story is that everyone needs a “Tivo”-like device which records what you’re watching, so you can rewind live tv…

  • ian

    In a similar vein, on last nights TV in the UK, I am sure I heard a government minister describe a cut in fuel tax as a ‘subsidy’. Someone please tell me that even this shower are not so stupid…

  • Sam Duncan

    Oh, they are, Ian. I remember that little beauty popping up during the 2001 fuel protests.

  • Paul Marks

    Sadly what you heard on ABC is the closest that the mainstream media get to an “attack” Obama.

    Of course being accused of turning to the right is the last thing the Senator fears – his Move.On supporters may whine, but they will still vote for him.

    And it helps fool moderates.

    Still I have a soft spot for ABC – they employ John Stossel, and their main man John Gibson asked the Capital Gains Tax question (“if increasing the tax means LESS revenue – would you still increase it?” which made both Clinton and Obama fall apart for a few good seconds).

    And ABC are not CBS (with their Star Trek view of political economy) or NBC – which is basically the television arm of of moveon. these days.

  • Paul Marks

    That should have been Charles Gibson of course – I do know the man’s name but when my brain hears the word “Gibson” it puts “John” in front of it (at least in a radio or television context).

    If I did not admit to be a Fox man slips like the above would give it away.