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Bob Barr Campaign gearing up

The Bob Barr for President efforts have been gearing up in Atlanta and if you want to see what you can do, you can find out about it here.

I would love to see that fund raiser counter spinning like the Ron Paul one did!

12 comments to Bob Barr Campaign gearing up

  • Jon

    Barr is not a Libertarian.

    Ask the LP about his vote for the Lautenberg gun ban, they’re trying to sweep it under the rug.

  • voluble

    I looked at voting for Barr and I have voted for the Libertarian presidential candidate once or twice in the past. But his foreign policy is totally unrealistic and the issues he chooses to emphasize at home are not ones of any interest to me. For instance, I couldn’t care less if the government is eavesdropping on foreign calls in pursuit of terrorists. That is what they are supposed to do. We can debate the details such as the case where a foreign target calls a US citizen but it is extremely difficult to get exercised about such a scenario. The FBI gets recordings of people who aren’t their targets all of the time because they don’t know who their target will be talking to and these calls all happen between US citizens. No one gets up in arms about it because there is no way to avoid it.

    I want the Islamic fascists countered at every turn and put into an early grave at every opportunity. We have plenty of people volunteering to do just that so there is no reason not to give them their wish and the means necessary to accomplish the task.

    It is the height of bad judgment to call for less regulation in every arena except on the battlefield where we are already overlawyered and regulated to an almost absurd degree. This, more than anything convinces me that he is not a serious candidate.

    I also suspect Barr’s conversion to libertarian ideals is less than sincere.

  • Whether or not Barr is “sincere,” I still believe he is better than Obama or McCain. Can you disagree with that?

    I also believe he is better than Ron Paul who, though idealistically decent, needs to learn a lesson in pragmatism and incrementalism.

  • doug in Colorado

    I do disagree with that…

    Come on, folks…Bob Barr is no more than the Ralph Nader of the Right, if that. A vote for Barr is effectively a vote for Obama, that’s an undeniable fact.

  • Dale Amon

    Or as a vote against the author of the McCain-Feingold Act…
    As to the rest of us, there’s this funny thing… libertarians tend to vote for libertarians. Imagine that. Even more surprising… the majority of the editors and writers here are libertarians and, amazing fact this: most back libertarians! Strange old world, ain’t it?

    But humor aside, voting for either of them is the equivalent of yelling out “THANK YOU SIR!!!!! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!!!” if you are familiar with the scene in Animal House. Whoever coined the term ‘McBama’ summed up my views quite nicely.

  • Dale:



    I do not subscribe to the whole mantra that a vote for “insert third party here” is a vote for “insert Republican or Democrat here.”

    I vote with integrity, when I vote at all. The only wasted vote is one made against that which you believe in. Hell, I would damn near call that insanity.

  • Doug in Colorado:

    I live in New York, where the Democrats could run a thug who cavorts with hookers and get over 60 percent of the vote. Voting Libertarian isn’t going to hurt the Republican candidate.

    Wait, the Democrats already tried that, didn’t they?

  • Kim du Toit

    “voting for either of them is the equivalent of yelling out “THANK YOU SIR!!!!! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!!!” “

    ..and voting for Barr or Paul is the equivalent of yelling out: “I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.”

    If we’re going to toss Animal House lines around…

  • Rich


    This is my response to some other claimant of uneared Libertarian votes as alms.

    If you want my vote, you EARN my vote.

    If McCain gets in by some miracle, and (by an even bigger miracle) actually cuts the size and scope of government (as the Republican FRAUDS have claimed a willingness to do for DECADES), then maybe, just maybe, he’ll get my vote for a second term. It depends on how many irrational wars he picks.

    But until I actually see a Republican who does not promise to grow government as fast or faster than the Democrats, I will be voting Libertarian, or NOT AT ALL.

    To put is bluntly, I would rather shoot McBama, OCain, and myself in the head than vote for McBama or OCain.

  • How can anyone who supports Al Gore’s lunatic energy scheme be a libertarian?

  • The libs lost me not long after 11 Sept 2001 13:03:11z.

    At 11 Sept 2001 13:03:07z – I told my mate – this means war. What did the libs tell me a few weeks later in a fund raising call? You want a war? Over this? I went back and forth with the guy for 15 minutes. The American Libs lost about 40% of their members post 9/11. Some very big donors as well.

    The problem with Libs? They only believe in local alpha male problems. If there is a border, international alpha males are off limits.

    I’ve had libs tell me the war in Iraq is illegal. When I ask them to compare the AUMF against the Barbary Pirates to the AUMF against Iraq they go silent.

    BTW defending the nation is the one thing that is unequivocally the job of the Federal government. You can of course argue whether the job is well or poorly done. Not the necessity or the legality.

    My take: the Libs do not study war. They don’t like it and would prefer to remain ignorant in order to maintain their purity and their position.

  • Ah yes. The irrational war theory.

    The war in Iraq besides being useful in taking out Saddam and giving the Iranians heart burn is a STRATEGIC war. The strategy is: bring self government to the heart of the ME to change the political dynamic of the region. (War is politics by other means). Is it a good strategy? It will take a while to be sure but it is looking better every day.

    Kings are giving way to parliaments in some of the smaller gulf countries. Saudi women are getting the right to drive. I can’t say that this would not have happened any way in time. I do believe Iraq is speeding the process.

    Another purpose of war that is not understood by libs is psychological. It is not strictly about profit and loss. It is putting the fear of Hellfire (missiles) in the hearts of potential enemies. Not only do we have them. Piss us off enough and we will use them. On you. Personally and collectively. Even dictators need some popular support. Libs, being consummate materialists, just don’t get the value of that.