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I’ve spent more than a decade working as a nightclub doorman. I’ve been involved in hundreds of violent incidents, including many away from the club. I can state unequivocally that in situations where some of these punks decide they’re going to pick on myself, or someone with me, with the intention of stealing our property, terrorising us or just for shits and giggles, on the occasions I’ve been armed, the situation has suddenly resolved itself when I produce a weapon.

A doorman, quoted at the blog of Rob Fisher, occasional commenter over these parts.

8 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • I did about 8 years on the doors, and that sounds a perfectly reasonable statement to me.

  • Alice

    I always recall the advice from an NRA class on personal safety for women — Don’t pull out a gun unless you mean to shoot. Don’t shoot unless you mean to kill.

    Too many women have ended up at the wrong end of their own weapons.

  • Bryan

    Now, having taken the shot, if you are ever asked, post facto, what your intentions were, your reply should be that you shot to end the fight. You shot because you were in fear for your life. Do not state that you “shot to kill”. Ever. Bad advice from an otherwise decent organization.

    And NEVER express regret, if you want to have any chance of avoiding a civil suit or mitigating the outcome of the same.

  • JerryM

    Got any data to back up your BS Alice???

  • RAB

    Just one question
    Armed with what?

    Night club doormen are not allowed to be armed in Britain, with anything but a smile and a civil word,
    and they are usually well short of that.

    Last time I entered a nightclub I was asked to my suprise, whether I was carrying a weapon.

    No I’m sorry, I sarkily replied
    I must have left my Uzi in the car
    could you lend me one?

    I was frisked damn near down to my underpants!

    I have never got the “Fun” bit of nightclubs.

  • James

    Night club doormen are not allowed to be armed in Britain

    Indeed, however, the plastic gangsters who cause half the trouble (inside and out) aren’t supposed to carry ‘offensive weapons’ either, but they still do.

    Maybe there was a crowbar or a baseball bat lying around near the door? Perhaps it was confiscated earlier that night?

    Apparently you’d be suprised what those frisks turn up.

  • Alice

    The rather churlish “JerryM” sneered:
    “Got any data to back up your BS Alice???”

    The polite answer is — Not that I care to share with you.

    And please get your mother’s permission before using her computer again.

  • Would it help if I asked more politely Alice? I would genuinely be interested in any data on the use of weapons for self protection, successfully or otherwise. TIA, James