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Bob Barr vs the Surveillence State

I am watching a number of videos in which our candidate Bob Barr has been interviewed and he sounds pretty good. You may enjoy this one in which he talks extensively about Statist spying and the way in which the government is destroying the privacy of the individual.

3 comments to Bob Barr vs the Surveillence State

  • You might want to Google the IMBRA law which forces Americans to be background checked if they want to say hello to a foreigner via an internationally oriented online dating site. The alliance between the left wing feminists and the right wing Christian evangelists got this law passed via phony reference to “mail order brides” (a derogatory slur against foreign women) and dishonest non-sequitur reference to “sex trafficking” which does not occur via American dating websites.

    They don’t just use fear to get laws passed that take away our rights (in this case the Right to Assemble). They like to use emotional references to “sex offences”.

    Another example of this: They can search our laptops and copy all the contents not only because of the terrorist threat, but because you might have something called “child pornography” on your laptop (maybe pictures of your niece or nephew in the bathtop or at the beach last summer).

    The reference to possible “child porn” automatically gets 4 times the number of people saying “Oh, I guess this law is necessary” than the argument about terrorists.

    People are that gullible. They are filled with more hatred about what the government says are “sex offenders all around them” than they are afraid of terrorists.

    The Department of Homeland Security knows this. They openly say in court that “wife beaters” are equal to terrorists in terms of national security threat. I can supply links.

  • anonymous coward

    The Government also justifies the searching of laptops, etc. as protection of “intellectual property,” meaning that your mp3s, etc. become suspect, and if you cut down movies to play them on your PDA you are most definitely guilty.

    You may be asked if you have data storage devices in your hand luggage or clothing (a thumb drive in a corner of your handbag, or a tiny data card–unseen by metal dectectors–in your pocket).

  • Delphi Programmer

    I agree with Jim Peterson. I think the American people need to take a good hard look at laws like IMBRA and decide if they want to honestly stand for freedom and individual liberty. For those of you who don’t know what IMBRA is, it requires a person to be criminal background checked, provide family background information and get signed consent from an advertiser in an international personals ad column, before they can say “hi”. It’s a preposterous law! Do the American people really want a law that polices the personals columns? We need to get real!

    I think people should be free to look for love how and where they choose; whether at church, school, work, a dating service, the personals ads, or by floating a message in a bottle across the ocean. I believe people should be free to communicate with, befriend and consort with whom they choose without government censorship and interference, whether that person lives next door or in Zimbabwe. We need to get rid of laws like IMBRA and give people back their own personal lives.