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Greedy, greedy, lying, incompetent, untrustworthy, crooked bastards.

– From the first comment in response to Guido Fawkes‘s latest revelations about how much MPs are now deciding to pay themselves

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  • Mr Eugenides does it too, with great style.

    Best regards

  • permanentexpat

    No-one enjoys getting screwed more than the British voter who regularly & consistently elects these leeches.
    On a smaller scale, there is a vast swathe of the electorate doing the same bloody thing at the expense of overtaxed working folk.
    Time somebody realized that MPs are employees and do not determine what the ‘boss’ pays them.
    But it’s a great opportunity to whine, is it not.

  • Ian B

    This is a sideshow, a distraction, and wasting time getting angry about it plays into the enemy’s hands. MPs, and parliament itself, are now effectively redundant, a mere facade of democracy when the government itself has moved to the continent but pretends it hasn’t. The only significant purpose of MPs now is as an electoral college to choose our Brussels representative, and as a form of “democracy theatre” to maintain the illusion of national sovereignty. Stripped of any real use, they concentrate on feathering their own nests and posturing, while the more angry the subjects get, the more the oligarchy can inch us closer to a disdain for parliament which will lead to its abolition; once done withdrawal from the Dark Empire becomes all the more impossible. Status as an EU province group of regions will seem almost the will of the people.

    Every display of the parliament’s relatively minor venality and corruption increases the public desire for their dismissal, to a greater desire by the populace for what little power remains to be handed to more worthy “independent” bodies who are in truth organs in the body of Leviathan. Guido is doing exactly what the Beast wants him to do.

  • RRS

    Back in 1972, whilst assigned to some U K duties, some fellow directors asked; “Is your Congress ‘representative’?”

    The answer then was: “No. It is ceasing to be.”

    What is the answer 36 years later to the question: “Is the Government of Britian a ‘representative’ government? If so, who or what does it represent, and how?”

    Is it possible that those almost elemental societies whose members are represented in their governance through family, clan and tribal stages and links are more truly representive than our two or three major directly elected legislative assemblies?