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A little ditty

This is hilarious.

13 comments to A little ditty

  • Nick M

    Am I missing something or is that merely five lines of purest doggerel about oral sex?

  • I’d call it impure doggerel. 😉

  • Ian B

    I thought that Nick, you have to google “cumulonimbus”.

  • Nick, maybe you’ll like these five lines better:

    There once was a girl who begat,
    Three triplets named Nat, Pat, and Tat,
    They were fun in the breeding,
    But hell in the feeding,
    ‘Cause she found there was no tit for Tat.

  • Ian B

    An obsession most foul and unsavoury,
    Keep the Bishop of Balham in slavery,
    Amidst shrieks, hoots and howls,
    He deflowers young owls,
    Which he keeps in an underground aviary.

  • RAB

    Deflowering owls is it?

    Have a bit of this-


  • Alasdair

    Actually, Nick M, I do believe that it was written by some distracted yet eager beaver cunning linguist …

  • Alisa

    RAB: more like deflowering umbrellas!

    cunning linguist

    Aren’t they all.

  • Nick M

    Good one RAB.

    Good one Ian B.

    That Ian, is quite the most depraved thing I have ever read. It makes the 120 Days of Sodom pale.

    In the USA there was a small liberal arts college called “Beaver College”. They are now called something else entirely because there website was not attracting quite the traffic they wanted. The connection of beavers with female genitals is actually beyond me. I have seen both and it does not compute. I could watch beavers all day, mind. They’re just so industrious.

    You’re one to talk. I only have GCSE French and German but you speak English, Russian and Hebrew. You are one of the most cunning linguists I know.

  • Alisa

    Nick,…um…er…well…OK, if you put it this way…:-)

  • Alisa

    Oh, and Nick: put the link under your name.

  • Rick

    You think that’s good, check out these: