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Limited government candidate in New Jersey

Dr. Murray Sabrin is running for the United States Senate in New Jersey and reportedly has devoted his career to promoting limited government and personal freedom.

There will be an online fund raising event today (February 29) and Dr Sabrin hopes to raise $1.5M by getting 15,000 Americans to pledge a minimum of $100 each. If he succeeds, he will be the favorite to win the U.S. Senate seat against Frank Lautenberg.

I do not personally know much about him but we can certainly do with all the real constitutionalists in DC that we can get.

7 comments to Limited government candidate in New Jersey

  • Daniel

    “If he succeeds, he will be the favorite to win the U.S. Senate seat against Frank Lautenberg.”

    The guy could raise $1 billion, and he’ll still lose by a wide margin. NJ (my home state) is as liberal (in the American sense of the word) as they come. We like our pork from DC — there’s a new train station in Secaucus that has Mr. Lautenberg’s name plastered on it for all on the NJ Turnpike to see. We like his support for left-wing judicial appointees and opposition to conservative ones (I doubt there’s a more left-wing state Supreme Court than NJ). Plus, he’s got plenty of his own money to spend if the circumstances require.

    Basically, so long as he wants it, Lautenberg is our senator for life.

  • walter

    Lautenberg will indeed be senator for life. He proved that by “retiring” and then being “appointed” by Bob Torricelli after the latter resigned under a corruption investigation. Lautenberg is the standard bearer in a state as liberal (aka socialist) as they come.

  • renminbi

    When I moved to Noo Joisey the state income tax was 3.5%.Gov.Jim Florio raised it to 7% after the legislature was assured by political genius James Carville that the public would forget about it,this in 1991. Unfortunately some talk show people raised a big fuss and the slogan “We’ll remember in November” became popular.They did; almost half of the Democrats in each house were voted out and the Repubs now had a 2/3s majority in each house. Of course they took this to heart and reversed this-not! Well,they did cut the top rate to 6 5/8 %. They enjoyed spending this boodle,rather than standing for anything.Since the Republicans stood for nothing,except the usual graft,there was no reason to vote for them and their majority was sreadily eroded. The Dims now control everything and NJ is as dysfunctional as NY.
    I figured if I was going to get screwed why stay in a shithole like NJ when NYC has so much more to offer(in spite of its gov’t). Oh,by the way-NJ State Tax is 9%, NY 7%,NYC4%; NJ doesn’t allow capital loss carry backs so for a commodity trader NJ is horrible,

    much worse than NY.

    A humorous note: In 1988 Pete Dawkins was running against Lautenberg and made an ad on TV about how wonderful NJ was. Lautenberg’s people replied,in effect:”cut the crap Pete,no one lives here because they want to.Who do you think you’re bullshitting”.That ended Dawkins. The one time Lautenberg demonstrated something between his ears.

    Native Noo Yawker glad to be back.

  • I worked on the Sabrin for Governor campaign years back.

    Murry is a very nice, smart, decent guy. We almost took out Whitman.

    BUT: He did let some uber-right wing types persuade him to take stands and make statements that lessened his credibility. Which is saying a lot since he was running as the LP candidate.

    But even with that handicap, he did fairly well.

    I wish him well. He would be a far better senator than most, and better than any NJ has had in my memory.

    But win? In the USSCNJ*? Not hardly.

    *Union of Soviet Socialist Counties New Jersey

  • It’s a shame we don’t have actual social democrats running the state. New Jersey could do much worse than to be run as efficiently and corruption-free as Denmark or Norway. In fact, it does do much worse.

    However, our Democratic Governor Jon Corzine is proposing a budget smaller in 2008 than in 2007. Not just slowing the rate of growth, not just lower in real terms, not just lower in population-adjusted terms; an actually smaller dollar number in 2008 than in 2007. It’s not a sudden burst of libertarianism, though. The state is up to its eye-teeth in debt, property taxes are already the highest in the country, and you can hear pitchforks sharpening in the south during the night.

  • Paul Marks

    This is a sign of hope Joshua – often politicians react to a decline caused by statism by imposing yet more statism.

    Of course, to the south of New Jersey there is Deleware – which, since at least the deays of Governor Du Pont has been less highly taxed and regulated.

    The Republicans are a sad case – either the promise much and deliver litte (as in the New Jersey case explained by renminbi) or they get things right of a time and then lose the plot.

    An interesting case in South Dakota.

    Republican dominated for 30 years it is a low tax, low regulation State – but now the Republicans have an “aggressive agenda” to increase spending on state schools and so on.

    Do the Republicans really think that this will mean better educated children? If they do think that they are wrong.

    Or perhaps they think that the teachers will be greatful – they will not be.

    They will still spend their time doing their best to brainwash the children with collectivist ideology – in the best university education department and teacher union manner.

    And higher pay will simply attract WORSE teachers – teachers who otherwise would have gone to more collectivist States.

    With very low pay good teachers (there are some) have a chance of getting into a school – as they may be the only applicants for jobs.

    Of course if the State legislature really wanted to improve education it would stop funding schools at all – leaving them to local funding or (better) voluntary funding.

    But that is considered out of the question by the media and the courts.

    And if they are the only applicants even the administrative structure (which, of course, prefers leftist teachers) has to employ them.

  • nick g.

    Ain’t Inglish wonderful? I first thought ‘Limited’ applied to the candidate, as in Eastwood’s line- “A man’s got to know his limitations.” At last, an honest politician! It turns out to be someone who is promising to limit government. I hope it’s not just SOSO.