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iJam Apple style

Tomorrow evening we are doing a blogger bash and one of the Samizdatistas, Michael Jennings in a bout of generosity is bringing a whole leg of Serrano ham to share. Another blogging groupie is kindly bringing a ham stand and a knife. So the video below is particularly relevant and wonderfully silly:

via dropsafe

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9 comments to iJam Apple style

  • Ivan Ivanovich

    Serrano ham, otherwise known as Prosciutto, should be served cold, sliced paper thin with melon (the orange type). To wack off a piece and munch on it is an abomination akin to topping a hot dog with caviar.

  • And alas, I am not bringing a whole leg. (Getting that on the aircraft back from Spain would have been too much of a challenge). I am bringing a nice, good sized piece though.

    I am not sure the Spanish would definitely like the “otherwise known as Prosciutto” comment. I think the Spanish attitude is that their ham is definitive and Italian ham is the lesser kind. I think they are probably right, in truth. This is not to say that the best Italian ham cannot be splendid, just that Spanish ham is the best. Judging by the level of enthusiasm with which a group of Italian tourists were buying local ham when I was in the central food market in Valencia a couple of weeks ago, it may be that even most Italians agree.

  • I gotta get myself to London one day!

  • geodotto

    otherwise known as Prosciutto

    Sir, I think you have a diplomatic conflict in your hands.

    Jamon iberico (from pigs which have been fed acorns) is without question the most glorious use to which a pig can be put on this planet.

    Jamon serrano, on the other hand, is also good, but not quite the same as iberico.

    Please, taste a bit of 5J’s ibérico (5J’s, is the equivalent of 5 stars in hotels), and then some prosciutto, then you’ll discover the difference.

    A Spaniard.

  • Episiarch

    geodotto beat me to it. Jamon iberico is absolutely fantastic. Jamon serrano is good. I would say (no offense geodotto) that a good Parma prosciutto is better than serrano but not as good as iberico.

    No matter what, eat it if you get the opportunity. It just, finally, became legal to import jamon to the US.

  • OK, it’s back to the fridge now…

  • But I LOVE hot dogs with caviar…..!!?

    Very very funny video anyway, so thank you Adriana.