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Sensational photographs

Here are some wonderfully good photographs, ideal browsing for a grey Sunday afternoon.

7 comments to Sensational photographs

  • Nick M

    JP, I’ve seen those before. They came up on Digg via my iGoogle homepage? Just out of queeriosity how did you find them? Not that I wish to compromise a Samizdata state secret or anything…

    Seriously though folks, do click the link – they’re good piccies. And that is from someone who is a pretty good photographer yet has on a couple of occasions tried to get the perfect picture of the cat and ended up with naught but scratches and something out of focus.

  • ian

    Don’t want to put too much of a damper on things, but some at least are faked. Damn good fakes, but still fakes.

  • RAB

    I have tried to capture our new dog over the last few weekends.
    Well to cut a long story short, given the woeful speed of the camera and the energy of the dog
    I shot 25, of which she is in 7!
    Good pics though Johnathan.
    I have a friend who fwds this kind of thing all the time too!

  • Someone has sent me those recently – Nick? Some of them do look photoshoped.

  • Nick M

    Yeah, I think it could well have been me, Alisa. RAB, unless you pay absolute top-dollar (Lord, won’t you give me give me 800 quid!) the real problem with a digicam is the refractory time between shots [descent into utter filth censored]. You just can’t shoot umpty frames a second which you can with a film camera. This makes capturing action tricky. This is a shame because of course film costs money and whatever daft buggerations you put on digicams cost zero per shot. This is why I still keep my old Pentax. Though… I’m considering going digital SLR.

  • The perfect shot, hmph! Especially for the sports shots, they just set the camera on continuous shoot, at 4 frames per second or some such, blaze away, and pick the best one from the lot. That takes professional talent, mind; but it’s not quite lightning striking, as the captions imply.

  • Ernie G

    To me, the greatest “perfect moment” picture is Cartier-Bresson’s picture of the man jumping over a puddle, followed by the sailor kissing the girl in Times Square on V-J Day.