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Live from Space Blogger Summit

Just a brief note… You can probably find stories from Rand and Glenn who are also here in Dallas at the 26th International Space Development Conference. Alan Boyle from MSNBC is with us and Jeff Foust is acting as the cat-herder.

1 comment to Live from Space Blogger Summit

  • Bruce Hoult

    Hey Dale,

    Could you pass on to Glenn (since I never get an ack for anything I email to him .. busy guy) that I well remember being 8 or 9 years old in around 1971 or 72, in the remote wilds of New Zealand, and spending my own money on the _Mad Scientist Club_ books via Scholastic Book Club. They were fantastic and I think probably had a huge influence!

    There was another book or series that I discovered a year or two later that was about as good. The name has escaped me, but it was also about a group of boys in small town America but was I think set around or before 1900. I seem to recall them setting up their own newspaper at one point, and the phrase “Giant Brain” (or similar) is popping into my head. Google isn’t helping 🙁