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Shake that burqua, baby!

You give me all your love
You give me all your kisses
And then you touch my burqua
And do not know who is it!

Heh. Who says the Germans have no sense of humour?

(h/t: Nick M.)

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13 comments to Shake that burqua, baby!

  • Julian Taylor

    Brilliant! This combined with the piano cat on Brian Micklethwait’s blog is very much brightening up my day.

  • Nick M

    Are any of the Samizdatistas fluent enough in German to post an English transcript (or even summary) of what the newscaster is saying?

  • Chris H

    Here is a rough translation (my German is a bit rusty):

    During the Taliban regime, music was forbidden, as was possession of a musical instrument: a crime punishable by death. Now this: the first Afghanistan female pop band with the name Burkaband. Founded during a musical workshop in a music school in Kabul. An Afghani woman was so excited by the drumming lessons that she immediately decided to take up drumming. The burkha has stayed but everything else is new. A cheerful undertaking in a world that has until know only known war. Pay attention to the lyrics.

  • To be honest I have my doubts that the ‘back story’ is true and the rather German sounding female vocals make me think this is a prank cooked up in a studio in Hamburg… a bloody good prank I might add. It is never wrong to poke fun at the excesses of Islam (or anything else).

  • ResidentAlien


    Their next single is going to be called “Kabul, Kabul” after Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”

  • Fiona X

    It’s a miracle! The shrouds are moving!

  • Nick M

    Thanks Chris H.

    So the Taliban would string you up for having a banjo? They really were a laugh a minute weren’t they?

  • tranio

    Thanks for giving me a smile on the birthday that makes me a senior , OAP in the UK. The clue to the fake is surely the guitarist fingering the frets through the cloth of the burka.

  • David Crawford

    The Blue Man Group, Female Version.

  • Julian Taylor

    Thoughts for their possible next Kabul Top Ten hit:

    I’ve Got a Crush On You (Taliban Stoning Mix)
    Bang Bang, I Shot You Down (A-10 Remix)

    and my personal favourite …

    Like A (72nd) Virgin

  • Danelaw

    LOL. Julian, if you’re not a comedy write, you missed your vocation 🙂

  • Robert

    That is just so f’in METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A complete lack of Satan worship and descriptions of dissections though. It’s progressive.

    Seriously though, totally cheered me up.

  • Yes terribly funny…and people think YouTube is a load of bollocks.

    They could do an Afganistan album.

    ‘See You Hel(mand)’

    ‘Rocking Kabul’

    ‘Cities in Flame (with Rocket Fire)’

    ‘God of (A10) Thunder’

    *Bonus points to Sam readers who can tell the original songs I have fiddled with the titles of…”