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Samizdata quote of the day

They have their rules, and I have mine.

Madsen Pirie

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  • …and any resemblance between the two is purely coincidental.

  • “There are no rules in politics”.

    Tony Blair

  • Rule 1: if you choose to do things of doubtful merit, it’s better not to be found out.

    Best regards

  • “There are no rules in Politics”-Bliar.
    Politics consists of rules and nothing else. ‘Rules’ is a virtual synonym for politics.
    For Bliar to say that is essentially a statement of intent to destabilise the world and turn it upside down.
    For Bliar to say that, is just another example of his essential technique-namely trying to paralyse the intellect by means of tautological paradox just long enough to commit a crime which can then be consigned to the past almost immediately by progressive fervour.
    He should be led to Tyburn in his underwear and hung up by the feet like Mussolini.

  • Blair will be missed — he is a brilliant man with character and intellect, quite unlike the current leader of the US, regrettably. I doubt very much if the next leader of the UK will be nearly as interesting as Blair.

    Politics is as much about power as rules — I’d like to see a successful politican that hasn’t had to make significant compromises in order to succeed.

  • Sorry, was that `Brent’ as in `Brent crude’?
    Blair a brilliant man with character and intellect? I think not. Intellect possibily, character most definitely not. Unless you mean character as in `of bad character’.
    Unprincipled, power-hungry, demagogue sounds more like it.

  • Brad

    And they have predator drones, and I have a six-shooter.