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Up yours Tony?

Defenders of ancient British cultural rites have thumbed their nose at Tony Blair’s government edicts and have apparently had a magnificent turnout for Holiday fox hunts.

Government authority exists only for those who accept its invisible bars, so I am exceedingly happy to see so many exercising their liberty and cocking a snoot at the State.

A tip of the hat to Glenn Reynolds for the link.

11 comments to Up yours Tony?

  • Robert

    Good for them!
    If ever there was a law driven by class envy and ignorance, it was this one. May it sink into oblivion and take the losers who framed it down with it.

  • James

    It’s a tokenistic law- there to keep the old-guard gimps in Labour happy.

    Blair doesn’t really care about hunting, which is why he let the legislation through the way it did- worded so specifically as to allow as many exploitable loopholes as possible.

  • The trouble with tokenistic law is that it degrades real law. If it is not necessary to make a law, it is necessary not to make a law, as Montesquieu so elegantly put it.

    I predict that history’s principal charge against the Blair Government will be that it undermined the rule of law in Britain and indeed devalued law itself by “binge legislating” and by using it as PR to buy friendly headlines from right-wing editors who should have known better.

  • Paul Marks

    It is important to remember that a lot of the people who were behind this law were rich and a lot of the people who support the hunt are poor.

    It may be a matter of “class” – but not economic class (in the sense of how much money someone is paid or how much property they have). I do not even know if it is people who work for the government against people who do not.

    It may be “cultural class” – the sort of set of ways of life and opinions that cut across “economic class”

  • Onepagan

    All I can say for the fox hunters is, good for you!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see them all turn out for the Boxing Day hunts.

    Well done all.

    oh, and sod tony bliar and his government.

  • robert

    If it upsets Blair and his disgusting cohorts I love it! Besides, I don’t like foxes.

  • Gabriel

    Stupid laws destroy respect for the Rule of Law by their very nature, but that’s not to say it’s a good thing. I don’t think the hunters should disobey the law unless they are willing to accept that no police action will be taken next time their house is burgled.

    That said, a particular law that affects me personally comes into effect this summer…so we’ll see.

  • RAB

    Waddia mean next time Gab!
    They dont come the first time.
    I went to a hunt yesterday.
    Havent been for years.
    Caught up with some distant cousins who have a few acres.Nick used to be the harvey Smith of the Junior Gymkana, in his day. Spread a little now though.
    A great time was had by all!
    Did they catch anything? How the hell should I know?
    I spent the whole time in the pub waiting for them to get back. Foxhunting is bloody dangerous you know!
    Least of all to foxes…

  • Sunfish

    Horses and hounds and a few hundred hunters seems to me a silly way to hunt, as opposed to two hunters on snowshoes with rifles in the mountains.

    However, I also think that rap muzak and apartment life and American beer and tobacco are also silly. And many people probably think that gun racks, homebrew, and growing my own tomatoes are odd. There’s enough room for them to do it their way and me to do it mine, and for the animal rights/class warfare crowd to go and, um, gratify themselves.

    “This is the coalition against coalitions.
    The views of a musician, I’ve got a few.
    Some folks want to ban cars,
    some want to get rid of Fender guitars.
    Why can’t everybody else leave everybody else?”
    -Hank Williams, Jr.

  • RAB

    The sight of you, Sunfish,
    Half way up Rudry Mountain in snowshoes
    and with a shotgun !
    Well !! We could sell tickets Mun !! : )

  • Uain

    Nice to see that old British spine again!
    Well done lads.