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On the fringe, there was was something sound at the Tory conference

Work sent me to the Conservative Party conference in last week. It was dull. But I saw the Globalisation Institute had a fringe event so I went along and they gave us all some wine. They had Mark Malloch Brown, the UN’s Deputy Secretary-General, give a speech in which he said this:

After all our efforts at reform, Kofi and I felt let down, if not betrayed, by the UN Human Rights Council’s biased and unbalanced approach to the Lebanon conflict. They focussed solely on Israeli actions, while ignoring the atrocities committed by Hizbollah.

That certainly woke me up. It is comforting to hear someone from the UN be so honest. Perhaps next we will find that he is an avid reader of the website UNisEvil.com. Somehow I think it unlikely.

3 comments to On the fringe, there was was something sound at the Tory conference

  • Jacob

    He probably feels he is near retirement, along with Kofi.

  • Congrats you actually got your pass in time. One of the lucky few! Not even Nirj Deva MEP was able to get that.

  • Gabriel

    Saith Unisevil.com

    U.N. Call for Palestinian State Spells Suicide for Palestinians
    Arafat’s “Palestinian self-determination” really means more of Arafat’s despotism—it means granting legitimacy to a state that is utterly hostile to its own citizens.

    Now there’s a site that is in some urgent need of updating.