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Las Cruces reporting

I am in Las Cruces New Mexico right now, taking a short break from a heavy schedule to at least let readers know I have been at the X Prize Cup field all day yesterday and also this morning and have the sunburn to prove it. I have also been tied up in National Space Society meetings and doing meet and greets with other members of the society leadership at events of the AIAA and others. Not to mention I am now in the space business myself… something I will leave you in suspense about for the moment.

I have only a few minutes right now, after the board dinner and multiple bottles of champagne toasting our Executive Director’s recent wedding, and must prepare for a meeting of my own committee. I will try over the next few days to post some stories and photos from here. In the mean time, Rand Simberg did some live blogging so you can get some immediate gratification if you must.

Now I must leave you as the Mexican band turns up the volume in the lobby and my meeting time approaches…

Rand spots a familiar name on the wall.

Photo: D.Amon, All rights reserved

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