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Light blogging, good music

Not much time to blog today… blame AnorakLight, Lynch Rider Lulu and Victoria Hume live at the Troubadour. Well recommended.

Lynch Rider Lulu.jpg

5 comments to Light blogging, good music

  • Pete

    I went to see Half Man Half Biscuit last week.
    Some of the cleverest observational humour and finest live music you could hope to see, although judging from the average age of the audience, references to obscure 1980s minor celebrities (e.g. “Nero fiddles while Gordon Burns”) have yet to win them a more modern audience. But who cares?
    Would warmly recommend their 2005 album “Achtung Bono” for the title alone.

  • I have seen Victoria Hume quite a few times and reviewed her gigs with several of her bands. Ross Richardson is a cracking guitarist as well; last time I saw him he was in about three bands.

    PS: Please sign the petition to save the Astoria.

  • Nick M


    Assuming it’s the same Gordon Burns he’s hardly a minor celebrity lost in 1980s obscurity, at least not in Manchester where he is the prime host of Northwest Tonight on the BBC.

  • NMM1AFan

    Thanks for the introduction to some new music!