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‘Isaac Schrödinger’ – fear and loathing in the land of the pure

Much is made of bogus asylum seekers (with considerable justification) but in truth, the basic principle of countries in the west being a haven for those who are oppressed for reasons of their belief is a very righteous one indeed.

And that brings me to the case of ‘Isaac Shrödinger’, the pseudonymous Pakistan born ex-Muslim blogger who is currently seeking asylum in Canada. If ever there was something I would like to see more of in the west, it is ex-Muslims, apostates if you like, who are willing to talk about Islam and say it the way it is.

Read his article and perhaps do as I have done and drop your mouse heavily on his PayPal button to help with his legal expenses… it will give you some serious blogospherical karma points.

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7 comments to ‘Isaac Schrödinger’ – fear and loathing in the land of the pure

  • Very interesting indeed. Granting such people asylum sends a message that countries which practice real Islam are not “okay”. Now can we have en end to the idea of taxpayer funded Islamic schools which teach this bilge in Britain?

  • James

    What does it have to take for our government, and the governments of our allies, to stop sleeping with the enemy, all in the name of ‘co-operation’ in this War On Terror(TM)?

    Perhaps ‘enemy’ is too strong a term- after all, we aren’t in a shooting war with them- but ideologically and ethically we remain opposed and wary.

  • James

    I suppose it would have been prudent to ask ‘where’ exactly in Pakistan some of the incidents Issac mentions actually happened.

    Any ideas?

  • tdh

    A few weeks ago I heard about Walid Shoebat’s Why I Left Jihad … book on the radio. (The guy sounded interesting.) The first Barnes&Noble I got finally around to seeing had a few copies on order, but apparently hadn’t tried to order it on their own initiative. Amazon’s discounting it.

    There was a Cliffie talking recently on TV about what she called the “three Rs” that terrorists want: revenge, respect (?), reknown. Seems to me the 3 Ps would be more appropriate: puerility, piss-poor personality, and penis envy.

  • What we need is a war on Tribalism and uncivilized behavior.

    Islam is tribalist at its core. So were the Nazis. So was bushido Japan.

  • In fact socialism is an attempt to get the state to mimic the paternalism of the tribe.

    Which explains its allure.

    Tribalism also explains the attraction of the nanny state.

  • tranio

    Unfortunately Canada will now be the country of choice for Pakistanis and other moslems who will say that they have renounced Islam and therefore must be considered refugees. Of course once landed in Canada and a Canadian citizen after 3 years, what would stop them from returning to Islam?