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The British National Party is selling wine on its website. Wine? Sounds more the kind of thing a French neo-nazi would drink. That’s lost my vote, I’m afraid. An English fascist should be drinking hogsheads of mead, or I’ll simply refuse to take him seriously. A nazi who drinks Chardonnay is not a nazi in whom one can have complete confidence.

Harry Hutton

12 comments to Samizdata quote of the day

  • Tuscan Tony

    They’ve red wine for sale – and there was me thinking they were only interested in whites.

  • Johnathan

    I get the impression that a lot of these goons live with their mothers. Probably still only able to drink diet coke.

  • Yes that is a bit weak. Surely the BNP should be supporters of traditional British ales and pork pies.

  • Nick M

    And for the man who has absolutely everything… There is the BNP tax-disk holder. Although I’m beginning to think the bust of Odin for only 109 quid looks tempting. If you take the hatred, discrimination and violence out of the BNP it’s rather quaint and terribly… British.

  • RAB

    They appear to drink Snakebite round my way.
    I assumed that was the reason they were completely incoherent anyway.
    Hey Nick, you sure that BNP tax disc holder isnt a scam by a replacement windscreen company? : )

  • Nazis sipping wine! What is this world coming to?

    I saw a drag queen the other day wearing flats!(The shoes type) I mean, what’s the freaking point? Hell, drag queens are the only people willing to put in the tremendous effort required to learn to walk heal-to-toe in four inch heels. If they start plodding down the street in sneakers like everyone else the world will have really lost something.

    I swear I am going to start the Campaign to Preserve Stereotyped subcultures. I shall do my part by driving around drunk in a pickup truck and shooting at road signs.

  • Steve

    Shannon Love,

    “I swear I am going to start the Campaign to Preserve Stereotyped subcultures”

    Good idea. Are you going to preserve the stereotyped subculture that eliminates other subcultures? Who will they meet in the finals?

  • Dale Amon

    I can’t see what the fuss is about. Real Nazis drank the best wines they could loot from the best wine cellars of Europe whilst dressing in fashionable and colourful uniforms with blond Aryan women in the best of night gowns at nights out to to a Wagner concert…

  • Dale is right. There is no necessary obstacle to real Nazis drinking wine. In fact, Ernst Junger, writing about the German invasion of France in 1940 noted that the roadsides were littered with emply wine bottles, looted from the French homes, stores and picnic baskets which fell into German hands during their relentless advance. Junger noted that “it is always like this when we invade France, we are like the Norse gods on a rampage.” So, wine drinking and Nazi behavior are fully compatible.

    I hope that everyone feels some relief that the BNP is not, in some way, letting us all down.

  • Nick M

    Lexington Green,
    The nazis raided pickernick baskets. They were worse than Yogi Bear!

  • guy herbert


    I’m beginning to think the bust of Odin for only 109 quid looks tempting.

    Well I hope you checked the price at Viking Direct.

  • James Versluys

    How did someone get through an entire posting on fascist wine and not mention “Vichy water” from Casablanca?