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New acquisition

One of the pleasures of living in Texas is the vigorous gun culture – I have never lived anywhere else where people talked as openly in any setting about guns and shooting. We are also blessed with a reasonably sane concealed carry permit (you can qualify in one day of training) and self-defense laws.

Having availed myself (along with my wife) of said permit, we are currently acquiring some hardware. Since my wife has what can be a longish walk to her car from her office, near a neighborhood that isn’t as savory as I would want, we outfitted her first with a dandy little 9. She already has a solid piece of German metal (my wedding present to her; romantic, no?), but it was a little too solid to lug around.

Personally, I’m a .45 guy – I like a pistol that says “puts big holes in people”. My current hogleg could hardly be less portable, and there is a surprising dearth of truly portable .45s. Thank goodness Kahr finally came out with companion for the wife’s piece.

24 comments to New acquisition

  • Reiner Torheit (Moscow, Russia)

    You should really try Cialis. They say it helps guys like you? There’s no shame in it, just ask your doctor about it. If he won’t prescribe it for you, then just shoot big holes in him. It won’t help your problem, but it will make you feel better.

  • R C Dean

    Thanks for sharing more than you probably intended, Reiner.

    If I had your apparent familiarity with, umm, performance enhancers, I doubt I would be so bold about advertising it.

  • Rich

    I just knew this post would upset a moonbat or 2. He!

    Oh and Reiner, how do say that, does it rhyme with Weiner?

  • RAB

    Reiner love (that’s not German for Thomas is it?)

    He said he is allowed to blow big holes on people,
    not that he intends to.
    I wish my government gave me the same freedom.

  • James


    You probably could have done with some Cialis over there in Moscow during the 20th C. Or some KY. Then again, you kinda need to have one for Cialis to be of any use.

    Then again, perhaps a .45 in your hand might have been a greater help.

    Given what you good people allowed to be done to your country for, oh, many decades, you’re not in a position to be casting aspersions on others.

    What’s Russian for “little Weiner”, BTW?

  • I prefer a Glock 40 myself.

    As far as ED goes, I recommend sustained levels of aerobic exercise and Friday nights at a strip club.

  • snide

    Owning a SIG is a clear sign of discernment. My compliments.

    Oh and Torheit, you have to actually have a dick for cialis to work, so that rules you out.

  • Indeed, the SIG is the discerning Samizdatista’s handgun of choice.

    Adriana in USA with SIG-226

  • RAB

    I bet our Weiner Reiner (thomas Bach, honorary division)
    was one of the few East Germans to flee the wrong way when the Wall fell.

  • James

    He’s the perfect example that an unarmed society is not a polite one.

    Of course, the replies to his impoliteness were well justified. You’d think he’d know better, but perhaps I expect too much of his kind.

  • VAD

    I used to be a .45 “cocked and locked” guy but I was eventually dragged kicking and screaming into the 40 S&W DA age 🙂

  • geomatic

    I live in Texas, too. I always operate with the assumption that whoever I am dealing with, especially in rural areas, is already packing heat. An armed society is a polite society, indeed.

  • Taormino

    Is it still not weird that Mr Dean’s wife does not encounter a problem buying a handgun yet any attempt (should she so choose so) to purchase any form of sexual stimulant is a breach of Texas obscenity laws?

  • Janet from the Sopranos would make do.

  • Mrs. Dean orders her sexual stimulants on the internet. Texas is losing valuable sales tax income! Seriously, those laws aren’t enforced. And nobody shops in person for sexual stuff anymore.

    Thanks to our Texas friend for packing heat! It’s great to be in a country where one has the right to pack heat, openly or concealed, and can defend one’s life, property, and self or other from attack.

    I do not personally pack heat and have never held a gun. However, I am a single woman who travels a lot and doesn’t live in a cage of fear, refusing to go out into the big world. I don’t have to pack heat to be safe. Concealed carry creates uncertainty in the minds of criminals, which makes me safer.

    If I ever feel like I’m becoming weaker and more vulnerable with age, I will certainly take the training, get the concealed carry permit, and carry a ladylike handgun in my Coach Lexington briefcase. I refuse to live in a cage of fear.

    Our Russian friend also misses the fact that this well-armed militia (ordinary citizens) will never let the Commies take over here. Citizens packing heat = effective resistance against dictator tyrants.

  • xj

    Texas state laws are written by the Texas state legislature, which is not one of the most impressive lawmaking bodies out there. It’s largely famous for voting to honour the Boston strangler (Link) and playing truant(Link).

    IANAL but didn’t the supreme court decision striking down “sodomy” laws strike down the dildo laws as well, on the grounds of sexual privacy?

  • Pete D.

    I don’t like guns. I feel much safer living in a society where I don’t have be worried everybody has a gun and is willing to use it on any self-justified premise.
    If a crim reckons that his target might have a gun will he be less likely to attack him/her, or simply decide that maybe he just shoots first? Remember, crims respond to their marketplace too. It just becomes an arms race.

  • Lucy Haddlemann

    As a partially disabled middle aged woman, I wouldn’t live somewhere that I couldn’t own a gun to defend myself. You may not like guns, Pete, but I don’t like the idea of being robbed or raped because without a gun, how could I defend myself against any punk kid who wanted to take advantage of someone who can’t even run. I don’t have the money to live in a nice middle class community so I don’t see why my security and peace of mind should have to depend on the mercy of those who might want to hurt me and take what’s mine.

  • Jack Olson

    I took the Concealed Handgun License course required by Texas law eight weeks ago. I’m still waiting for the license, for which I paid $140.

    In that course, the teacher explained that this license permits you to carry a CONCEALED handgun. You cannot display it. Texas has no plain-sight law. The legislature wisely prohibits you to carry your concealed handgun if you have drunk any alcohol at all. Nor may you carry it into any establishment which makes more than 50% of its revenue from the sale of alcohol. You can’t carry into a school building or a hospital, clinic or nursing home. When I go to jury duty, I have to pass through a metal detector en route to the courtroom so that’s obviously a no-carry site. You can carry a gun into a state park provided it contains no ammunition in any part. Removing the magazine is not enough, there can’t be any ammunition in the magazine either.

    Though it is illegal to carry a firearm it is also a defense against the charge that you are traveling. You can offer this defense at trial but by then you’ve already been arrested and charged. If you could get out of the arrest just by claiming to be traveling, then everyone caught breaking the gun law would make that claim.

    So, while Texas is more liberal than most places about gun possession and makes legal provision for it with a Concealed license, that right is not unrestricted and most of the license course deals with those restrictions.

  • Jack Olson

    To clarify my previous post, you can get arrested for carrying a handgun unless you have the Concealed Handgun License. Some people cannot qualify for the license because of their criminal records. The FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety now have copies of my fingerprints which I submitted with my license application. That would identify me even if I applied for the license under an alias. It also would help them identify me if I were a suspect in a crime. I’m willing to accept that loss of privacy since I don’t expect to get Second Amendment rights without commensurate responsibilities.

  • Snotbot

    It must be fantastic to live in a country like the US that has completely eliminated murder and rape!
    Oh .. what it hasn’t?
    Does that not give you pause to think. Murders, rapes and violent attacks are much less common in gun-free Europe. What do you think the reasons are for this?

  • Molly

    snotbot does not know what he (it?) is talking about. Murders are more common in the USA but violent crime over all is much more prevelent in the UK.

    Yes, it is really great to be a woman in the UK, I feel so much safer.

  • “IANAL but didn’t the supreme court decision striking down “sodomy” laws strike down the dildo laws as well, on the grounds of sexual privacy?”

    It would probably protect the use of them, but not the sale.

  • What do YOU think the reasons are, Snotbot, provided that these statistics are even true and not merely a lazy assumption on your part? You think women are mostly raped at gunpoint, do you? Isn’t it more reasonable to view guns as the great equalizer of male and female strength, the only way for an average woman to defend herself against a typically much stronger assailant? A woman with a gun is just as dangerous as a man with a gun; shouldn’t we then be arming our women if we are at all serious about preventing rape?