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Meditation on Castro

…by Mr. Lileks. A taste:

There was no such thing as Castroism, after all. Only Castro. In the end it all dies with you.

Eventually it will come down to this, my friend: history will note that the people in the American jails at the tip of this island ate better than the average Cuban.

Lets hope he dies Real Soon Now, and that Bush manages through some miracle not to miss the opportunity to lift the embargo, so the succession struggle gets swamped in a tide of US dollars.

2 comments to Meditation on Castro

  • Joshua

    HA! Great post (and great link) – second everything said. However, I doubt whether Bush will pass up this opportunity to miss another opportunity. We’ll know soon enough.

  • cubanbob

    Perhaps the Europeans never heard of the concept of odious debt. They will find out soon enough when the post Castro/communist regime simply cancels all debts and contracts incurred by the Castro regime. And I doubt any US Administration will push the post communist regime to honor them.

    Perhaps the Iraqi’s will also take note.